Song of the Day: Colver – Sort It All Out

After having laid the foundations of their nostalgic universe on a promising first EP(“Walk Swim Fly”), Colver is about to make their come back with a first album that explores the meanders of human relationships. Between existential questioning, insomnia, break-up and disillusionment in love, “Lifeshake” promises to be a tasty mix of all kinds of emotions on a background of sophisticated sounds and melodies more contagious than ever. This album is like an evening of wandering in the heart of the capital: you dance, laugh, cry a little too, and you wake up with a cocktail of shared emotions. Described as “the next generation of Belpop” (JAM rtbf) and “the new Belgian crooners” (LaVague Parallèle), Colver arouses enthusiasm by realizing a tour de force: to make the crowd dance on a background of dark subjects, but which are simply part of life.”Lifeshake,” then.

“Sort It All Out” was written in Tarifa, Spain, during a journey to refocus on oneself after a long period of soul-searching and insomnia. Although the song’s subject matter seems bleak at first glance, its explosive choruses invite you to go wild on the dance floor, away from your worries and deep thoughts.The release of ‘Sort It All Out’, accompanied by a captivating clip, is the first single from “Lifeshake”, Colver’s debut album out in March 2023.