Song of the Day: Baustelle – Contro il mondo

5 January saw the release of “Contro il mondo” on BMG, the new single by Baustelle, the band that wrote the rules of alternative music in Italy. The band composed of Francesco Bianconi, Claudio Brasini and Rachele Bastreghi is preparing to return live this year with a sold-out tour.

“Contro il mondo” is a track written by Francesco Bianconi that confirms the brilliance of Baustelle’s intuition to look at the past as a resource and without nostalgia. The Baustelle return with a single in which tradition and risk are mixed, proving once again their innate ability to be captivating, provocative and profoundly avant-garde in their telling of the reality that surrounds us. In “Contro il mondo”, the daily routine of yoga, aperitifs and routine collides with the need for escape, culminating in a cry of rebellion, all to the sound of rock and roll and retro atmospheres, in full Baustelle style.

“Where were we? How long has it been? Those who hoped we would get better were obviously wrong. Rather, we continue to live, with the same ferocity as always and new music. This song is called ‘Against the World’: it is a little story, a film, a parable, a cry, bass-snare drum-electric guitar, chewing gum. Our return to criticism and rock and roll. Handle with care,’ declare Baustelle.

From their debut album ‘Sussidiario illustrato della giovinezza’ (Illustrated Compendium of Youth), to their latest album, ‘L’amore e la violenza, vol.2’ (Love and Violence, vol.2), via great classics such as ‘Charlie fa surfing’, Baustelle have distinguished themselves on the Italian music scene for having recounted contemporaneity with a revolutionary, direct, profound language and deliberately vintage sound, starting a real trend. Enjoy the tune!