Song of the Day: For Tracy Hyde – The First Time (Is The Last Time)

Disbanded January 5th, 2023 For Tracy Hyde was a 5-piece band consisting of Natsubot (Gt), U-1 (Gt), Mav (Ba) and Draft (Dr), started in autumn 2012 as Natsubot’s home recording project with U-1. 2014, Lovely Summer-chan (Vo) joined and the band took its original form as a 5-piece band with female vocals. In May 2015, Lovely Summer-chan left the band, and eureka joined as a new vocalist.In December 2016, the band made its national debut on P Vine with its first album Film Bleu.In 2017, the band was selected for Space Shower New Force and performed at Tokyo Calling She also performed at Tokyo Calling. In November of the same year, they released their second album, he(r)art. In 2018, Kusakusa joined the band following the departure of former drummer Masyi. eureka took over guitar duties in 2019, making it a triple-guitar formation. With shoegaze/dream pop at its core, the band freely incorporates a variety of music from the 1960s to the present, creating a ’21st-century teenage symphony For God” to add colour to the daily lives of a wide range of listeners, from middle and high school students to those in their 40s and 50s who were exposed to Creation Records in real time. Here’s The First Time (Is The Last Time)!