Song of the Day: Deus – 1989

dEUS shares the 2nd single taken from the forthcoming album ‘How To Replace It’. On ‘1989’ dEUS sounds typically dramatic and full of ideas. All Linn drums, synths, and nods to yacht rock, the track sounds very, well, 1989. It also sees singer and leader Tom Barman channelling his inner Leonard Cohen; smoky, seductive, and just a little gruff. “I’ve never sung so low, so it was exciting to do,” he says. dEUS will embark on a 26 date European tour. All Benelux shows (including 4 x the legendary AB in Brussels) are sold out, others are filling up quickly. Twenty-eight years after their debut record, dEUS remain indie stalwarts, pushing ever forward, endlessly curious and creatively restless. Enjoy the tune!