Song of the Day: Kay Young – The Way You Look At Me

The artist, rapper and producer Kay Young made her return with the vibrant single, ‘The Way You Look At Me’, the first teaser from her upcoming EP that sees her taking on new soundscapes.
‘The Way You Look At Me’ introduces fans to the duality of  Kay’s artistry, whilst still maintaining her signature sound with witty bars. Taking inspiration from the funk of the 60s and 70s and legendary bands such as The Mamas & The Papas, this Kay-produced single is a modern twist on falling in love on the dancefloor. 
Kay fills the instrumental with warmth, with its layers of lively drum patterns and show-stopping horns serving as a playful pair to her relaxed cadence. She uses it to tease as she builds up to the electrifying  chorus, using the swell of spirited jazz to bring the chorus to life. When married with her playful cadence, ‘The Way You Look At Me’ has a sense of refinement. Kay Young is clearly here for a good time with her latest track, as she meets the familiarity of her personality with newfound musical confidence. Enjoy the tune!