Song of the Day: Fakear – Not Only Flowers (feat. Hannah Yadi)

It took a world pandemic and general confinement for Théo Le Vigoureux, a sensitive thirty-year-old guy from Caen, Normandy, France, to sort out his mind and his music. Theo needed to reinvent Fakear: to return to the essence of the project, with spontaneity and above all, honesty.

This come-back is nothing other than the first step towards the new Fakear.

This new wave can be expressed in one word: Talisman, His new album. The first tracks Moonlight Moves and Altar have mesmerizing and intriguing sounds. It also features Voyager, with a music video mixing gorgeous mountain views and a feeling of weightlessness.

Today Fakear is above all Theo: with his emotions and his battles, one of them being for climate change, and the importance of our planet. For his new album, he collaborated with Camille Étienne, a known climate change activist, on his track Odyssea.

Ten years after his first steps in the industry, Fakear now returns to his roots, without looking to the past with nostalgia or contempt; but rather by contemplating his past self with kindness, and a tap on the shoulder. “I found myself “, he admitted. Enjoy Not Only Flowers!