Song of the Day: Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot

Visionary British synth-pop artist Alison Goldfrapp has announced her first solo album, ‘The Love Invention’, due out on 12 May via Skint. The album is a new evolution in Alison’s forward-thinking and timeless discography and is introduced with the hypnotic single ‘So Hard So Hot’.

The album ‘The Love Invention’, produced and co-written by Alison, marks her return as the high priestess of the dancefloor, in a heady spin on the disco and house influences that have always been a staple of her musical DNA. “So Hard So Hot” is the springboard into this kaleidoscopic world and listening to Alison as she sings “Do you know how the stars were made / Yeah you know how to radiate” evokes the ecstasy of nocturnal epiphanies. Enjoy the tune!