Song of the Day: La Niña – Harakiri

Looking at Vesuvius and seeing Mount Fuji, listening to the furious rhythm of a Naples alleyway blend with the minimal melodies of a Shinto temple.

After Blu feat Mysie, today sees the release of Harakiri, the second single anticipating VANITAS, the new album by the artist who more than any other connects Naples to the entire planet.

“I’m the last of the samurai / but the first you’ll remember / You’re like a Hokusai wave / you sweep me away and then you’re gone’, sings LA NIÑA in this song, which reinterprets with great irony the famous Japanese practice of suicide for honour – an almost transcendental act – through the all-Mediterranean passion with which love pains are faced, that passion always ‘ready to sweep you away like a Hokusai wave’. Enjoy the tune!