Song of the Day: Pebbl – Space Travel

Pebbl is the introspective solo project of Gina Marie Tratt, Bristol-based musician and visual artist.
Pebbl’s songs are spacey, love-driven and intimate, bending to the depths of shadowy emotion and gliding along with a synth-centric soft edge.
Harnessing a flow state sense of creation, Gina channels dreamlike melodies and visceral chords to express her feelings in sonic form.
Rippling through this process is the hope to generate a sense of close connection to the listener and a spiritual lift for those that need it.
In the colourful city of Bristol, UK, Gina records from her home studio along with a cat called Magic, who likes to make his mark in the music where possible.
Gina also fronts the alt-pop band Pocket Sun, making waves with their psychedelic, jazz-infused live sound. Enjoy Space Travel!