Song of the Day: Mounika. – 20

It’s been ten years that Mounika. draws his own musical landscapes. Ten years, during which he has refined the trajectory of his electronic music, Trip-Hop. Influenced by artists such as Moby, Air or Bonobo, all it took was a piano and some software for our world to meet his. More assertive than ever, the French producer has already tasted international recognition with tracks like ‘Cut My Hair’ or ‘Tender Love’, while continuing to explore the corners of electronic music. His last album, ‘I Need Space’, had propelled him among the revelations of 2020.

After years of experimentation, ‘Don’t Look At Me’, the album he is about to unveil, is a new turning point in this singular trajectory. In the wake of ‘I Need Space’, the sampling of the early years leaves more space for delicate and personal compositions, while retaining the essence of the warm and contemplative music that has made his trademark. But something was still missing to complete the ‘Don’t Look At Me’ galaxy. Born in collaboration with Berlin artist Joe Taylor, Carl & TJ, two cartoonish characters inspired by Mounika’s love for graphic novels and comics, will come to life in the visual universe surrounding this new album. It is in this world, somewhere between earth and sky, that the producer has decided to set down his baggage, surrounded by his acolytes Carl & TJ. Enjoy 20!