Hansom Ēli – Summer Rise

Summer Rise was born out of a collaboration with friend and Vancouver producer Mikey J Blidge. Joyful, chill and intimate, it will make you long for those warm summer days spent in the park with friends after a long and cold winter. Blending a lo-fi hip-hop aesthetic with a french indie/pop sound, the song capturesContinua a leggere “Hansom Ēli – Summer Rise”

Summer Edition (20.7.2020)

Juice Wrld – Come & Go (with Marshmello)Chris Cornell – Patience (Guns N’ Roses cover)Future Islands – For Sure!!! – Do The Dial ToneErasure – Shot a SatelliteKhamari – JealousLaura Marling – Strange GirlDyna Edyne – JacuzziThe Lemon Twigs – Live In Favor Of TomorrowElkka – I. Miss. Raving.Daniel Blumberg – BoundWashed Out – TimeContinua a leggere “Summer Edition (20.7.2020)”