Rosehip Teahouse – A Million Times

Cardiff band Rosehip Teahouse anticipates Fine Ep with new track. «A Million Times is a lot of my anxiety manifesting in a song,» Rogers explains. «I was finding that I would try and mould myself into what I thought everyone else wanted from me, not realising that I was losing more and more of myselfContinua a leggere “Rosehip Teahouse – A Million Times”

Mateyo – With Me (feat Ddm)

Jamaican-American producer Mateyo and his companion Dapper Dan Midas team up for this amazing tune that you can find on Kitsuné Musique. «This is a song about intensely loving someone and displaying an all-or-nothing attitude towards them before realizing that they don’t share that same feelings for you but rather, with someone else» says MateyoContinua a leggere “Mateyo – With Me (feat Ddm)”

Mf Robots – Happy Song

Following up last year’s label debut, a fiery cover version of the Chairmen Of The Board classic Finders Keepers, Happy Song offers up a scintillating first taste of album Break The Wall, due for release in Spring 2021. And what an introduction it is: uplifting and timeless soul/funk, showcasing Dawn Joseph’s effortless yet powerful leadContinua a leggere “Mf Robots – Happy Song”

Penguin Prison – Better

Shimmering and saturated, Better finds Penguin Prison’s piano-driven, neon, dance-pop in fine form with the song’s hopeful refrain designed to lift listeners up. The track sees Glover writing his way out of a dark place towards the light: «This song is my response to the times we find ourselves in», he explains. «The global pandemic,Continua a leggere “Penguin Prison – Better”