Song of the Day: The Spins – Vibe Police

New Jersey indie/alt rock band The Spins have shared another taste of their forthcoming debut album with a new single. They descrive Vibe Police as «A feel-good song about not taking life too seriously and surrounding yourself with people who build you up and make you feel good about yourself and encouraging others to doContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: The Spins – Vibe Police”

Song of the Day: Eau Rouge – Vienna

When Jonas, Bo and Magnus found themselves in a basement in Stuttgart, Germany it just clicked between them: Jon’s voice, Bo’s guitar sounds, Mag’s drumming – with this energy already there that makes you wonder how a three-piece can create those bombastic soundscapes live – no backing tracks allowed btw.Fast forward a few years andContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Eau Rouge – Vienna”

Song of the Day: Fiddlehead – Down University

Fiddlehead is the supergroup featuring members of Have Heart and Basement, have just shared a new song called Down University. The vocalist Pat Flynn says about it: «This song is about how I got trapped in this Darwinian mentality where everything was approached with extreme doubt and felt like a total failure. For some reason,Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Fiddlehead – Down University”

Song of the Day: Franc Moody – Tired of Waiting

London based collective Franc Moody (Ned Franc and Jon Moody) released a shimmer single, Tired Of Waiting was born «as a bass line and a trucking groove – said the band – Some Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morricone meets National Rail-style chugging guitar lines followed only to be finished off with some stabbing soul interjections from the colossusContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Franc Moody – Tired of Waiting”

Song of the Day: Harry Nathan – I’m In Need (feat. Angus1)

Harry Nathan teams up with Angus1 for this new single, here’s how the artist presented it: «Introduced by a mutual friend, I’m In Need was written on the day that Angus1 and I first met. We sat in my kitchen eating French éclairs, lemon tarts and croque monsieur croissants whilst getting to know each other.Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Harry Nathan – I’m In Need (feat. Angus1)”

Song of the Day: Mattiel – Those Words

Mattiel, the Atlanta-based band of vocalist/songwriter Mattiel Brown and guitarist/producer Jonah Swilley, return today with two original tracks for Heavenly Recordings, the magnetic new single Those Words and its towering B-Side Freedom Feels. Talking about the track, mixed by David Wrench, Mattiel said: «I think everyone can relate to a song like Those Words –Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Mattiel – Those Words”