Song of the Day: Febueder – Dire Science

Febueder are an avant-indie duo from Ascot, England, composed of lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and percussionist Samuel Keysell. Their name (pronounced Fe-byou-der) is more than a made-up appellation, it’s the palette from which they present their emotionally deft songwriting and progressive approach to rhythm and melody. Enjoy their last single ‘Dire Science’!

Song of the Day: The Rills – Falling Apart

The Rills are a Lincoln indie band, returning to the city for a homecoming show. Refusing to be held back by multiple lockdowns, they spent 2020 working on releasing two singles (‘The Angler’ and ‘Stardog’), as well as becoming TikTok stars in their own right, building a strong fanbase through their relatable comedy and dynamicContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: The Rills – Falling Apart”

Song of the Day: Philip Selway – Picking Up Pieces

Philip Selway has shared the captivating video for his new single and LP highlight, ‘Picking Up Pieces’. Driven by a dynamic pulse, along with guitar work from Portishead’s Adrian Utley, complemented by distinctive string arrangements, the track beautifully exemplifies the expansive, cinematic sound Selway has forged on his new record. Commenting on the track SelwayContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Philip Selway – Picking Up Pieces”

Song of the Day: Miley Cyrus – Flowers

‘Flowers’ is the first single from “Endless Summer Vacation”, Miley Cyrus’ eighth studio album, out March 10 via RCA. 2023 shows Miley as strong and confident as she’s ever been. The music and imagery of “Endless Summer Vacation” reflect the strength she has found by reflecting on her physical and mental well-being. Recorded in LosContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Miley Cyrus – Flowers”

Song of the Day: Deus – 1989

dEUS shares the 2nd single taken from the forthcoming album ‘How To Replace It’. On ‘1989’ dEUS sounds typically dramatic and full of ideas. All Linn drums, synths, and nods to yacht rock, the track sounds very, well, 1989. It also sees singer and leader Tom Barman channelling his inner Leonard Cohen; smoky, seductive, andContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Deus – 1989”

Song of the Day: National – Tropic Morning News

The National have announced the release of their ninth album First Two Pages of Frankenstein scheduled for 28 April 2023 on 4AD. Underpinned by evocative melodies and compelling lyrical storytelling, First Two Pages of Frankenstein marks an exciting new chapter in the band’s discography. The 11-song album was produced by The National at Long PondContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: National – Tropic Morning News”

Song of the Day: Slowthai – Selfish

Slowthai is back with details of his third studio album UGLY. Released on March 3rd via Method Records/Universal Music Canada, it launches with new single “Selfish”.  Right now Slowthai is inside a custom built room fitted floor to ceiling with 2-way mirrors. He entered the room last night and will continue to spend time with himself throughoutContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Slowthai – Selfish”