Dal 2020 This Is Pop? è anche un blog musicale che tiene d’occhio i nuovi artisti e riscopre gemme preziose dal passato.


Since 2020 This Is Pop? is also a music blog that keeps an eye on new artists and rediscovers precious gems from the past.

Memes – So What

Memes have a problem. In their new single So What they confess to never listening to a song more than half way through, and yet, they need you to listen to this song right to the end of its 103 seconds. All the work they’ve put in, all those ratty guitars and pogo-primed vocals, theContinua a leggere “Memes – So What”

Mines Falls – Hey Mother

Mines Falls are brothers Carson and Erik Lund, they released their second, self-titled album on September. Hey Mother anticipated it in Summer and you’ll love the perfect mix between Grizzly Bear and Wild Beasts. Enjoy it!

Brasko – The Standard for Kids in the Usa

Ohio artist Brasko published his new single The Standard For Kids In The Usa, a chaotic song full of energy where rock guitars and a little bit of glam rise all at once. Enjoy!

Quinzequinze – Le Jeune

Artistic collective Quinzequinze from Paris released this burning song and you cannot miss it, enjoy!

Mdou Moctar – Chismiten

Matador Records announced the new entry Mdou Moctar to its roster. His music has roots in both traditional Tuareg melodicism and Eddie Van Halen’s daredevil majesty. Today we offer you Chismiten, the white-hot ripper that will kick off an expansive new full-length due to hit down next year. «The song is about how people inContinua a leggere “Mdou Moctar – Chismiten”

Óregla – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Óregla from Iceland is a jazz ensemble that mixes John Coltrane and Miles Davis in a personal key. Here’s a song that’s a little bit old, but you cannot miss it. Enjoy!

Ok John – Take It

Ok John is the solo project of guitarist, singer and songwriter João Pedro Leite. João currently resides in Rio de Janeiro and is 22 years old. His first EP comes with British influences from his favorite bands such as: Oasis, Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. Enjoy!

Gengahr – Never A Low (feat. Liam)

London indie-rock band Gengahr released this new single, taken from their upcoming album Sanctuary due for release on 31st January and produced by Jack Steadman by Bombay Bicycle Club. Enjoy it!

Kean Kavanagh – Emma

Kean Kavanagh is a producer and co-founder of Irish hip-hop collective Soft Boy. Now he published a single as solo artist and here it is, enjoy it!

A Certain Ratio – Berlin

A Certain Ratio announced their new album, ACR Loco, after 12 years. The band has returned with another new single, called Berlin. Here it is, enjoy!

Shame – Alphabet

British post-punk group Shame released their single Alphabet. Here’s what frontman Charlie Steen had to say about it: «At the time of writing it, I was experiencing a series of surreal dreams where a manic subconscious was bleeding out of me and seeping into the lyrics». Enjoy it!

Tia Gostelow – Psycho

Queensland singer-songwriter Tia Gostelow shared Psycho in May, here it is. Enjoy!

Oneohtrix Point Never – Long Road Home

Daniel Lopatin published music the last week, now we’re ready for a new Oneohtrix Point Never album which is coming next month. Here’s Long Road Home, enjoy!

Magon – Change

After releasing his debut album Out In The Dark, Magon drops his new single, born out of a year-long period during which everything changed in his life. This sweet ballad sounds like the perfect mix between indie rock and psych pop, between Ty Segall and The Velvet Underground.

Ashley Mayorquin – Greenest Thumbs

Greenest Thumbs by Ashley Mayorquin is a ballad that blurs the lines between many of the indie sub-genres. The vocals trace their influences from artists like Joni Mitchell and Julia Holter, and the instrumentation sounds like a classic Nashville session band backed by percussionists via Pet Sounds. Enjoy it!

Baby Fuzz – Before Our Time

Indie-rock artist Baby Fuzz delivers nostalgia wrapped up in a glam, pop, and rock jam. Before Our Time is the new single, enjoy it!

Yung – New Fast Song

The Danish four-piece Yung is back with a new 7” Progress. It follows the release of their debut LP A Youthful Dream in 2016, and a series of acclaimed EP’s. Enjoy!

Al Pride – If You Go Down

Guess you’ll be charmed by this groove; the Swiss pop-rock eight piece Al Pride released this single some time ago and here it is. Enjoy!

Sprints – The Cheek

Dublin-based quartet Sprints published a second single and there’s no choice but to fall in love with this energy. Enjoy!

Ivory Wave – Cool Kids

Wait a minute! Are we in Birmingham or in Madchester? So hard to say, but what’s easier here is the talent of these guys. Enjoy!

Rascalton – Places We Go

What if the Clash came across the Strokes just in front of your eyes? Well, these guys from Glasgow have clear ideas. Enjoy!

The Crooks – She Walks Alone

Oasis fans wanted! You cannot miss these Chesterfield five piece. The song came out some months ago, but time passes very slow for some great tunes. Enjoy!

Afflecks Palace – Forever Young

Great brand-new act here: if you’re fascinated by the Smiths, here’s a song you’ll sing since the first listening. Good luck!

Dream Nails – This Is The Summer

Just felt in love with these London “feminist punk witches”, who published an album containing this tune about climate change. Enjoy!

NewDad – Blue

Ireland band shared this melancholic tune that smells like 90’s indie scent. The best way to afford this weekend, ain’t it? Enjoy!

Yellow Days – The Curse (feat. Mac Demarco)

If you follow us since before the summer, you already had a chance of listening to Yellow Days. We could not ignore his featuring with Mac Demarco: enjoy!

Amilli – Green Eyes

German artist published this bittersweet tune, the perfect mix of indie and R&B, and this is why it’s our song of the day. Enjoy!

Polly Money – Astrid

The funk-pop singer has dropped an ode to “earth-shattering sex”, played out on a retro-style beat. It’s our daily tune, enjoy!

Kid Apollo – New Kinda Romance

Kid Apollo is a solo artist hailing from Derry, Ireland. He writes, records and produces all his music from a beat-up laptop in a cramped bedroom (still living with the parents, if you were wondering). Here’s his new tune, enjoy!

Benee – Snail

Auckland artist is back with this new tune that ends this all-female week. Enjoy!

Sarah Walk – Nobody Knows

We felt in love with the last album from the Chicago artist, here’s this great tune. Enjoy!

Angel Olsen – Whole New Mess

Here new album is linked to the 2019 masterpiece All Mirrors, here’s miss Olsen performing at the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift – Cardigan

Yeah, a little bit late but… here’s a great tune from an incredible album. Enjoy!

Vian Izak – Forward

Indie artist combing comic book art with indie pop. This single from his upcoming album Flight of the Aeronaut is out today. Enjoy!

Cabbage – Get Out Of My Brain

Our radio listeners heard about them some years ago: Cabbage from Manchester are back and here’s their new single. Enjoy!

Creeptones – Soul Fire

They’re Creeptones from Asbury Park and just released a new record; enjoy this cool single from it!

Arlo Parks – Hurt

Britain rising star has shared her newest track Hurt and we’re in love with it. Enjoy its mesmerizing video!

Lewis Del Mar – Sewers

Experimental New York pop-duo is back with its newest record, August. Enjoy this preview!

Ghum – Saturn

Time is not a problem when songs are beautiful. This is why today’suggestion is a goth-pop gem by four-piece Ghum, hailing from London, Spain and Brazil. Enjoy!

Greentea Peng – Hu Man

South London singer realeased this exotic pop tune that’s the perfect soundtrack for this strange summer. Enjoy!

Anywayz – Paralysed

French pop duo released this computer rock tune and here’s our way to start this new week. Enjoy!

Keleketla! – Future Toyi Toyi

Here’s an expansive collaborative project – reaching outward from Johannesburg to London, Lagos, L.A. and West Papua – that started as a musical meeting ground between Ninja Tune cofounders Coldcut and a a lot of South African musicians. Enjoy!

Naujawanan Baidar – Peshak-e Siyah

Today’s song is a psych and exotic trip from the Afghan-American musician N.R. Safi who was inspired by some cassettes he found at his home. Enjoy!

Mildlife – Vapour

Melbourne-based four-piece band has shared this new single taken from their forthcoming second album Automatic that will be released on September 18th through Heavenly Recordings. Enjoy!

Yard Act – Fixer Upper

Leeds post-punks band shared this groovy and hypnotic track some weeks ago. Enjoy it!

Why Bonnie – Voice Box

Let’s end this week with Why Bonnie, their debut Ep Voice Box celebrates unhindered expression via beguiling, propulsive guitar pop. Enjoy!

Kamaal Williams – Mr Wu

Wu Hen is the sophomore album from Peckham visionary Kamaal Williams. The record oscillates between celestial jazz, funk, rap and r&b reinforced with the rugged beat-heavy attitude of grime, jungle, house and garage – a self-styled fusion Kamaal describes as Wu Funk. Enjoy!

Sault – Wildfires

Enjoy this great song from the mysterious band who last year released two stunning albums, and now an untitled LP with powerful Black Lives Matter theme.

Billie Eilish – My Future

Written under quarantine, My Future is the new single by Billie Eilish. Enjoy this bittersweet intimate song, the best way to start this summer week.

Hannah Georgas – Just A Phase

The Canadian songwriter announced her new album All That Emotion. Georgas had been working on the album with Aaron Dessner as her producer, and realeased a couple singles. Now it’s time of Just A Phase.

Kowloon – English Morning

English Morning is a bitter sweet, mid tempo groove for a morning spent in bed. Kowloon’s vocals, breathy and intimate, float above blissful piano chords and subdued guitar, all anchored by the interplay of shuffling drums and a gently rolling bassline.

Leon in the Wild – You Can Leave a Mess in Here

You Can Leave a Mess in Here builds off the California vibes delivered in Fade with a more upbeat tempo: perfect for a summer road trip. Lyrically, Leon in the Wild describes driving from the coast to the mountains during a prior move from California to the Rocky Mountains.

Eades – Make It Outside

Channelling NYC New Wave cool through a Northern indie-pop filter, Leeds based quintet Eades deliver one of the most exhilarating and rounded debut EPs of the year in 5-track collection Microcosmic Things, out via their own Bam Bam Records on July 10th.

Hansom Ēli – Summer Rise

Summer Rise was born out of a collaboration with friend and Vancouver producer Mikey J Blidge. Joyful, chill and intimate, it will make you long for those warm summer days spent in the park with friends after a long and cold winter. Blending a lo-fi hip-hop aesthetic with a french indie/pop sound, the song capturesContinua a leggere “Hansom Ēli – Summer Rise”

Kid Travis – Strawberry Skies

With solid melodic punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music. Here’s an example thanks to this tune, enjoy!

Boy Pablo – Honey

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Muñoz has dropped some new tracks, including Honey, a song off his debut album Wachito Rico, due out in Autumn. Enjoy!

Washed Out – Time to Walk Away

Ernest Greene has released Time to Walk Away, the lead single from his upcoming record Purple Noon. Enjoy it!

Future Islands – For Sure

Welcome back guys! There’s always a reason to listen to the epic sadness of the boys from Baltimore. Enjoy their last song!

Khamari – Jealous

“Find myself caught in the loop makin the same moves for so long.” is the perfect line that describes what the world is facing in these tough times. But the bedroom pop of this song has something more than cool lyrics: it’s bittersweet and there’s hope in it at the same time. Enjoy!

Elkka – I. Miss. Raving.

The title of this song is enough: immerge yourself into the trip of Elkka. Enjoy!

Dyna Edyne – Jacuzzi

Summer tastes like this song, don’t you feel the pool vibes losing yourself into this beat? Enjoy it!

Easy Life – Nightmares

Leicester band has released new 2-track single, who gives a f**k?, featuring Pop Tarts and the beautiful Nightmares, enjoy it!

En Attendant Ana – In / Out

Jangle pop and Indie pop shreds falling down from the talent of this French band. Enjoy this song from their second album Juillet.

Nation of Language – The Wall & I

New York City band Nation of Language approach post punk with a lot of nostalgia: here’s a song from their album Introduction, Presence. Enjoy!

Bambara – Serafina

Last winter Brooklyn band Bambara published the fourth album Stray, here’s Serafina. Enjoy!

Deeper – Run

Goth-post-punk band Deeper released in April the sophomore album Auto-Pain, here’s the song we loved most. Enjoy!

Mush – 3D Routine

We love this band and this is why our song of the weekend is the tracklist from their debut album: guitar-oriented sound, post punk echoes and a bunch of fresh energy. Enjoy!

Bacchae – Turns Me

A post punk wind from ancient Greece brought us this band. Enjoy a song from their album Pleasure Vision!

Lewis Lane – Say My Name Again

Today we’re digging in the past two years: here’s a Brooklyn artist with her moving bittersweet song. Enjoy!

Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah

The London singer is combining humor and sadness on her latest self-produced track, Uh Huh Yeah, inspired by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s 1986 duet, Don’t Give Up. Enjoy!

Almost Monday – Come On Come On

The indie-pop trio drop a new tune today some time ago, and it’s all about breaking the routine of daily life. It’s our Monday song, enjoy!

Tayo Sound – Cold Feet

18-year-old Nigerian-Scottish newcomer Tayo Oyekan has shared this beautiful single; it will be our song of the weekend. Enjoy!

Toledo – Fomo

Today we’re happy to talk you a little bit about Toledo, an indie project from Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz, based out of Brooklyn, NYC. Fomo pokes fun at this quarantine lifestyle, but at the end of the day gives voice to a genuine desire to be more present. Enjoy!

Idles – Grounds

Idles have announced that they will release their third album, Ultra Mono, this autumn. We’re already in love with the singles they released until now. Enjoy this one!

Fontaines Dc – A Hero’s Death

We’re looking forward to listening to the new album from Irish heroes Fontaines Dc. Enjoy the title track, published some time ago.

Lincoln Jesser – Boba

California-based singer/producer, Lincoln Jesser just dropped his new single, Boba The song “celebrates the power of love in the face of uncertainty.” Enjoy!

Nava – Skin

Li abbiamo ascoltati più volte durante le puntate radio di questa stagione. È uscito da poco un nuovo Ep dei Nava e c’è da rimanere stregati dal sound di questo brano. Buon ascolto!

Derek Simpson – Hide + Seek

Un martedì sentimentale grazie a questo singolo intimista ed essenziale scritto con gusto sopraffino da un artista di Long Beach da tenere d’occhio. Buon ascolto!

Erik Frank – Anxiety

Cominciamo la settimana dagli Stati Uniti, dove Erik Frank parla di questo periodo strano nella sua Anxiety. Buon ascolto!

Alex Gough – Heart Attack

Dire che il video non fa la sua parte sarebbe una grande bugia. Ma il groove di Alex Gough non è una novità, il brano di oggi è Heart Attack. Buon ascolto!

Jawny – Anything You Want

Giovanissimo e surreale, Jacob Sullenger dagli Stati Uniti sta venendo su bene. Una manciata di singoli, uno dei quali usato nella serie Tv High Maintenance garantiscono una giusta attenzione. Buon ascolto!

Alois – Cielo Azul

Arrivano dalla Svizzera ma le loro coordinate geografiche sono difficili da individuare perché l’incrocio di elettronica e world music degli Alois è un groviglio di suggestioni ipnotico. Buon ascolto!

Rae Khalil – Allstar (feat. Free Nationals)

Nella selva di suoni e immagini di Tik Tok ecco Rae Khalil che per questo singolo forte di bassi potenti e un incantevole groove si fa aiutare dai Free Nationals. Buon ascolto!

Drama – Forever And A Day

L’album s’intitola Dance Without Me, ma è impossibile con brani come questo in cui dancefloor, melodie e ritmo sono miscelati con un gusto superbo. Garantisce Ghostly, buon ascolto!

Lolo Zouaī – Alone With You

Chiudiamo la settimana con la carezza agrodolce di questa ragazza, in uscita con un Ep: il miglior modo per ricaricarsi in vista del fine settimana. Buon ascolto!

Lazarus Kane – Night Walking

Molto difficile non farsi prendere dall’euforia di questo brano, per questo ve lo proponiamo quando la settimana si appresta a diventare weekend. Buon ascolto!

Yellow Days – Love Is Everywhere

Questo mercoledì lo riserviamo a George van den Broek, che a ad agosto uscirà con un disco ricco di ospiti (tra cui Mac DeMarco e Nate Fox, solo per citarne alcuni). Yellow Days è il perfetto equilibrio tra Motown e influenze jazz/RnB. Buon ascolto!