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Dal 2020 This Is Pop? è anche un blog musicale che tiene d’occhio i nuovi artisti e riscopre gemme preziose dal passato.


Since 2020 This Is Pop? is also a music blog that keeps an eye on new artists and rediscovers precious gems from the past.

Song of the Day: The Ghibertins – 20149 Milano

Here’s a Milan based indie band that contains all the members’ contradictionsof completely different musical backgrounds such as Father John Misty,Mumford & Sons, National, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam. The band told us: «20149 Milano is the first single taken from our forthcoming concept album. It will feature one song for every decade of our fictionalContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: The Ghibertins – 20149 Milano”

Song of the Day: Critter – Pfc

Quinn Barnitt and Jake Weinberg are Critter and they published a great tune back at the beginning of this month. Since you cannot miss it, here it is. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Cannons – Bad Dream

Los Angeles trio Cannons released their new single. «We’re excited to share our new single ‘Bad Dream’ and hope you find yourself connecting to it as much as we have been during this time of such uncertainty in the world,» said the band about it. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Pillow Dog – Discard

Tim Fischer and Marcel Niebuhr from Germany are Pillow Dog and they released this beautiful track from their last Ep Happy Heart Attack Vol. 1, a mixture of bedroom pop, garage rock and new wave. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Blazar – Enough

Blazar is an artist, producer, and sound designer. He shared his message for the new single Enough: «The song is really about the zeitgeist of the world, we’ve all had enough, 2020 was hard, it felt like collective anxiety on a global level as we all sit in isolation.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Echo Frame – Red Carpet

Vancouver-based solo project Echo Frame released this dazzling tune. Taking inspiration from all corners of the music world and swirling them into a bottomless pot of indie, soul, surf-rock, disco and more, Echo Frame invokes a blissful, genreless euphoria as he unlaces his narrative of romantic infatuation. Partnering funky guitar lines with dreamy vocals andContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Echo Frame – Red Carpet”

Song of the Day: Made Kuti – Free Your Mind

The grandson of legendary activist and originator of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, Made Kuti now proudly steps into the limelight bearing his family’s torch, pushing the brand of infectious grooves and social consciousness that his grandfather and father (four-time Grammy nominee Femi Kuti) pioneered into exciting and modern new territory. He’s a stunning multi-instrumentalist who hasContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Made Kuti – Free Your Mind”

Song of the Day: Ya Tseen – Close the Distance

On April 30th, 2021, Sub Pop will release Indian Yard, the debut record from Sitka, Alaska project Ya Tseen. Band founder, Nicholas Galanin is one of the most vital voices in contemporary art. His work spans sculpture, video, installation, photography, jewelry and music; advocating for Indigenous sovereignty, racial, social and environmental justice, for present, and future generations.Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Ya Tseen – Close the Distance”

Song of the Day: Finn Harry – Murder

Los Angels act Finn Harry made his debut with this tremendous tune. The 23 year old artist mixes acid guitars with a great hook, electronic backgrounds with punk attitude. It will remind you the crazy world of Beck or the golden pop made in Black Keys. Well, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Freedom Fry – Le Point Zéro

American/French duo Freedom Fry released a couple of weeks ago this electro-pop track. «Le Point Zéro is about beginning again and not viewing setbacks as failures», said the band about this charming track. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Daste – Somebody Like You

Australian trio Daste released this single that you cannot miss. Callum MacDonald from the band explains :«This song came about shortly after everyone was coming to terms with the severe necessity of isolation. Not being able to leave the house forced us to start writing songs and ideas on our own which we could eventually work on together. I immediately felt as if IContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Daste – Somebody Like You”

Song of the Day: Color Palette – Distance

What if The Smiths could rehearsal with Real Estate? Here’s the answer. The quintet from Washington Color Palette released back in 2020 the single Distance, and you won’t resist to this indie rock pearl. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Blanketman – Beach Body

Blanketman from Manchester is a band that you should follow. Here’s their single from 2020. Adam Hopper, the vocalist, described it with these words: «After a troubled lost summer, we felt we needed a new advert for British exceptionalism and the Brit abroad.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Home Counties – Modern Yuppies

Bristol-based band Home Counties released this great tune. Singer Will Harrison commented: «Synths and drum machines were already something we were very keen to explore and 2020 provided us with an unexpected amount of free time to experiment. We dialled the disco influences up to the max and totally embraced that 70’s-cop-drama vibe for thisContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Home Counties – Modern Yuppies”

Song of the Day: Molly Burch – Emotion (feat. Wild Nothing)

Austin-based musician Molly Burch released the single Emotion, with the feature of Wild Nothing, the dream-pop act Jack Tatum. Burch explains: «the theme of the song is about feeling a spectrum of emotions, embracing that sensitivity, and using it as fuel to create something positive.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Ginger Root – Why Try

California-based bedroom pop act Cameron Lew shared back in 2020 this great tune and its groovy texture is the best antidote to survive this week. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Beach Youth – In My Chest

French indie pop/surf pop Beach Youth released a month a go this tune. It is taken from their forthcoming debut album Postcard, which will be out in February 19 2021 via Music From The Masses. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Midlight – Pandemonium

The alt rock band from Brighton released back in 2020 this beautiful tune. Having spent the past year piecing together their own home studio and playing on London’s live circuit, Midlight merge Radiohead geometry and introspective lyrics. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Rap Ferreira – Leaving Hell

Still looking back to 2020 with this single from Rory Ferreira, the rapper formerly known as Milo. Leaving Hell was published just before the pandemic explosion, and here it is in order to exorcise the beginning of this year. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Sweeping Promises – Hunger For A Way Out

Waiting for brand new songs to share with you, let’s go back to the past months and try to listen to some tunes that could have missed. Here’s Boston-based post punk band Sweeping Promises with a song that mixes 80’s nostalgia, Diy attitude and a great feeling with the dancefloor. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Rahm – The Thunder Peal Of Spackle On Drywall

David Lynch would be proud of him: Rahm mixes dark sounds with industrial and even metal shreds. Here’s The Thunder Peal Of Spackle On Drywall, a journey to a personal maelstrom that will swallow you in his magnificence. Enjoy it!

Matt Wills – Live Like This

Kent songwriter Matt Wills will charm you with this pop song lying on a dancefloor. Here’s the last suggestion of the week, but fear not: songs of the day will continue from Monday to Friday, no matter if Holydays or global pandemics will happen. Enjoy!

Matt Black – Bad News

Australian act Matt Black realeased this sensual R&B tune, and you won’t resist it. Here’s the perfect smooth mood to deal with these strange last days of a very wired year. Just relax and enjoy it!

Laurel – Best I Ever Had

London-based singer-songwriter Laurel realeased two months ago this great retro pop tune and here it is in case you missed it. Enjoy!

Jupiter & Okwess – Bolingo

Congolese band Jupiter & Okwess releases Bolingo, featuring Brazilian artist Rogê. Born after an experimental process, the samba-inspired single is the opening track of the new Ep, packed with references to African music. Bolingo is an ode to a life full of love, and full of discoveries. Enjoy!

La Chica – La Loba

La Loba, is the impactful new single of French-Venezuelan singer-songwriter La Chica, featured on her Ep out since 12/4. It’s the result of a spiritual awakening after the loss of her brother. With latin rythmic, offset structures, stattered hand-claps, 4-chords piano riff, La Loba is the story of a mother wolf bringind the dead backContinua a leggere “La Chica – La Loba”

The Foons – Shapes

Chicago band The Foons shared this ethereal single that will bring you the best soundtrack for these last weeks of the year. Enjoy it!

Gillie – Leaving Alone

Welsh guitar pop act published this delicate single, and it will charm you a lot. Here’s what she said about it in a recent interview: «The track is about coming to the end of my tether with people who have been disloyal. Sonically and in terms of songwriting this track is quite a new eraContinua a leggere “Gillie – Leaving Alone”

1oK – Drive it Like My Grandma

Albuquerque artist Gentry Haukebo dropped this hip hop song that will put a smile upon your face. Enjoy it!

Spodee Boy – Dress The Part

Nashville rock band Spoodee Boy led by Connor Cummins shared this garage gem, and you won’t resist to its energy and punk attitude. Enjoy it!

Cryogeyser – Too Much

Los Angeles band Cryogeyser shared another single from their sophomore album Love Is Land, it will charm you with its 90’s taste and energy. Enjoy i!t!

Inude – We Share

Italian band Inude shared last month this indie-electronic gem, a sparkling journey that follows inspired guitars and spacey landscapes. The trio talked about the single explaining: «When the loneliness gets the better of you and other people’s approval no longer eases your insecurity you have two choices: the first, you can hide away in silenceContinua a leggere “Inude – We Share”

Slowthai – Nhs

Named after his Britain’s National Health Service, Nhs is the new single from Northampton irreverent act Slowthai. It anticipates his new album Tyron, out 2/5 via Method/AGWE/Interscope. Enjoy it!

Arrowleaf – Nothing To Say

Missoula (MT) based indie rock band Arrowleaf brought to life this bedroom pop pearl, a bittersweet song in which all the talent of these guys is shown. Let them hypnotize you with indie guitars, horns and an intimate voice. Enjoy it!