Iosonouncane – Novembre

A new song by Jacopo Incani entitled Novembre is the first unreleased tune since the publication of Die and marks a very important step in the musician’s career, namely the beginning of the collaboration with the reborn Numero Uno label, that since 1972 has released Lucio Battisti‘s records. The single anticipates the album Ira, thatContinua a leggere “Iosonouncane – Novembre”

Kokoroko – Baba Ayoola

Kokoroko is a band with Afrobeat roots and a strong connection to the contemporary London jazz scene. The group is made up of eight extraordinary English musicians led by the incredible vocal harmonies of front women Sheila, Cassie and Richie. Enjoy their new single Baba Ayoola, a tribute to the grandfather of Cassie Kinoshi, saxophonistContinua a leggere “Kokoroko – Baba Ayoola”

Fabiola – You Crazy Diamond

After a first album Check My Spleen, the Belgian band Fabiola releases today the song You Crazy Diamond in 7″ format for the Brussels label dear.deer.records. Led by singer Fabrice Detry the quartet proposes a solar indie rock mixed with a non sense humor illustrated by the video clip made during a tour in ItalyContinua a leggere “Fabiola – You Crazy Diamond”

Mecna – Tutto Ok (feat. Frah Quintale)

Mecna brings Tutto Ok to Italian radios with the collaboration of Frah Quintale, one of the five feat. contained in his sixth album Mentre Nessuno Guarda published some weeks ago. The cover of the album is taking shape at the hands of the well-known street artist Richard Wilson that Mecna and Universal Music Italia haveContinua a leggere “Mecna – Tutto Ok (feat. Frah Quintale)”