La Chica – La Loba

La Loba, is the impactful new single of French-Venezuelan singer-songwriter La Chica, featured on her Ep out since 12/4. It’s the result of a spiritual awakening after the loss of her brother. With latin rythmic, offset structures, stattered hand-claps, 4-chords piano riff, La Loba is the story of a mother wolf bringind the dead backContinua a leggere “La Chica – La Loba”

Blossom Caldarone – Girlfriends

London based artist Blossom Caldarone returns with a song that tastes like an exotic flavour full of rythm. Here’s how she describes the single: «Girlfriends is a song based on my experiences with men I am close to, and how their fear of speaking out about their difficult feelings has affected our relationships. It letContinua a leggere “Blossom Caldarone – Girlfriends”

Loose Articles – Up the Disco

Manchester band Loose Articles released a 7″ that contains the single Up the Disco, here’s how they describe it: «With the world going to Hell in a handcart it’s as good a time as any for ‘Up The Disco’ to bring those sweaty, alcohol infused nights at your favourite indie disco, straight to your home.Continua a leggere “Loose Articles – Up the Disco”

The Lounge Society – Burn The Heather

Hebden Bridge band The Lounge Society shared this astonishing single, here’s what they say about it: «Burn the Heather is a song deeply rooted in where we come from. The lyrics are our interpretation of some of the darker aspects of where we live, and our personal reaction to them. Musically, Burn the Heather isContinua a leggere “The Lounge Society – Burn The Heather”