Song of the Day: Harry Nathan – I’m In Need (feat. Angus1)

Harry Nathan teams up with Angus1 for this new single, here’s how the artist presented it: «Introduced by a mutual friend, I’m In Need was written on the day that Angus1 and I first met. We sat in my kitchen eating French éclairs, lemon tarts and croque monsieur croissants whilst getting to know each other. This theme of longing emerged during our conversations, and that vibe was captured in the studio moments later.» Enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Mattiel – Those Words

Mattiel, the Atlanta-based band of vocalist/songwriter Mattiel Brown and guitarist/producer Jonah Swilley, return today with two original tracks for Heavenly Recordings, the magnetic new single Those Words and its towering B-Side Freedom Feels. Talking about the track, mixed by David Wrench, Mattiel said: «I think everyone can relate to a song like Those Words – it’s really just about choosing who to give your energy to. If someone isn’t treating you with respect or crosses your boundaries, you don’t owe them anything. It’s an especially good reminder if you’re a person who tends to try to please everyone. Women are taught to do this from a very young age. It’s just not possible to make everyone happy, so you might as well sing and dance those cares away.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Larisa – Goodbye

Up and coming, Romanian raised, now London based alt pop artist Larisa first fell
in love with music when entering a talent show at her local high school.
At 17 years old she entered The Voice of Romania and got through to the semifinals
which landed her a deal with a Bucharest based Label. She has dedicated her
life to music ever since, writing hundreds of songs and improving her craft.
In order to expand her performance skills as well as her knowledge of the industry,
she then completed an acting degree at the Academy of Theatrical Arts and
Cinematography. Here’s her single Goodbye, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Postcards – Home Is So Sad

Of all things, it is presumably a swan song to all hope with which the Lebanese dream-pop band Postcards report back after the year 2020, that was rich in tragedies for its members. The track Home is so Sad, inspired by Philip Larkin’s poem of the same name, resembles a stocktaking which bewilderedly lists all the disasters. There are the protests against corrupt political elites in 2019 and 2020 that fizzled out, the catastrophic explosion of the Beirut port on August 4th, 2020, which destroyed half the city, Lebanon’s complete political failure, and last but not least the Corona pandemic, the effects of which shook the entire country.

Home is so Sad laments the wounds on one’s own body and mourns the loss of any safety. Musically, the scarred wistfulness of the ballad is countered by drums pounding like being out of their minds. Towards the end, a distorted guitar joins this drumbeat against all pain. No question, in this tender rebellion against resignation lies the power of a new beginning, which will hopefully already take place in the album After the Fire, Before the End announced for autumn 2021. Enjoy!

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Song of the Day: Marcella Precise – The YaaY Sayer 3

Marcella Precise is an act from Brooklyn, here’s her single The YaaY Sayer 3 and it’s the best way of ending the last week of the month. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Chet Faker – Whatever Tomorrow

Having resumed the Chet Faker project in October of last year after a 6-year hiatus, Nick Murphy returns with Hotel Surrender: a new work of 10 self-produced songs characterized by the elements that have allowed Chet Faker to conquer a large international fanbase. As the journey to Hotel Surrender continues, let yourself be carried away by Whatever Tomorrow. Murphy says: «I have different perspectives now. I thought about music in a whole new way, now I see it as mass therapy. I think I have always perceived it as a difficult situation, as if I were facing a creative odyssey. Now I have a more shamanic approach. You have to find the light, or the dark, whatever you think is appropriate, and share them. I understand that this is the true nature of the Chet Faker project. I perceived the suffering of the world and I thought that perhaps I could do something to restore some joy to these people.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Epoque – Boss

With its unique musical proposal, Epoque faces the Italian record market and also the international one both thanks to a completely contemporary sound and thanks to the lyrics of the songs he writes in French, Italian and Lingala, the language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Janine Tshela Nzua, real name of the artist of Congolese origin, was born in Turin and grew up between Paris and Brussels, here’s how she describe the song: «I wanted to talk about all those girls and boys who grow up faster than others, leave school to work, sacrifice adolescence to become adults and take on greater responsibilities than themselves. Neighborhood life is not easy and in order to get out or survive, at times, wrong, hasty or ethically tormented choices are made and it is from that moment that dreams, passions, goals go away. In other cases this is not the case and there are many courageous young people fighting to earn enough money for a ‘normal’ life and to afford to be able to make the same choices as any other person.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Frank Brannan – Pub Life

Frank Brannan has just released his debut solo single, Pub Life which he wrote in lockdown to capture the mood of the nation as they eagerly await the re-opening of pubs, being able to socialise again, and devour that all important pint. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Xtc – This Is Pop?

Celebrations here are linked with the song that gave name to this radio show. This is why the Song of the Day number 250 is the single that the English rock band released in 1978. Wikipedia helps here claiming that the leader of the group Andy Partridge «wrote the song as a response to labels such as punk, which he believed were redundant of pop. The song’s opening F chord was based on The BeatlesA Hard Day’s Night (1964).» Dig our playlists, podcasts, and our columns for more music. Enjoy!