Song of the Day: Chiello – Quanto ti vorrei

After the special presentation made on the stage of the Mi Ami Ancora festival, Chiello‘s first solo single arrives on radio and on all digital platforms. Quanto ti vorrei is an enthralling song, full of influences from the past, from the rhythms of rock’n’roll to the arrangements of Motown and the classics of Italian song, but declined for the future, with all the energy and irreverence of a grown 22 year old boy with the trap and the new American sounds. Produced by Shablo in collaboration with Luca Faraone. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Lorenzo Pucci – Sono sempre in ritardo

Italian act Lorenzo Pucci released Sono sempre in ritardo, it represents just the quiet after the storm and the focal point of song is the awareness of one’s mistakes: some traits of our character come to us often reproached as defects, but it all lies in transforming negativity into constructive energy. Recognizing one’s weaknesses leads to being aware that, to transform them into points of strength, we need the help of people who love us. Lyrics are the most intimate and personal among those so far written by Lorenzo Pucci and the hope of not reaching irreparable consequences due to one’s own mistakes transpires from the words of the author. With a light melody and clean sound, thanks also to the predominant use of acoustic instruments, I’m always late was chosen for the album title as traits emerge characteristic of the entire authorial production in the context of the recording project. Enjoy!

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Song of the Day: Alt j – U & Me

Alt j have announced their fourth album, The Dream, set for release on 11 February via Infectious Music/ Bmg. The band’s published the new single U & Me and here’s what they say about it: «We are very proud and excited to finally be able to present to you our new single, U & Me, It was the first track we worked on and recorded for our new album The Dream, released 11th February, and so it felt right to be the one we show you first. It’s quite simply a song about good times in the summer sun – too good perhaps. In the video we’ve taken this idea and translated it to the skate park – Prosper Unger-Hamilton documented the day that we sold our souls to reach frightening new heights of skill on the ramps and in the bowls.» Enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Werwe – Summer Lady

Steve Martinho plays guitar and keyboards. He’s been playing music since he was 13 years old. However, Werwe has been a project since 2018. His main influences are Talking Heads Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Modest Mouse, T.Rex, and Beatles. Summer Lady is his new single, enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Bezos – Jumper

Baptiste Garcia is a 22-year-old self-taught Norman artist. In 2019 he met the Caen artist Victor Deverre, who helped him make his solo project a reality by offering to create his music in his studio. That same year it begins to be accompanied by the Cargö. Bezos is a dreamlike character. Motivated by the tenderness of his entourage and the hardships of his daily life, the artist from Caen embodies his everyday emotions through music. Admiring many artists such as Sum 41, American Football, Her’s, he throws himself towards the composition. Through an atmosphere lively and heady, Bezos testifies to her intimacy. From dream pop to indie pop, he invites you to discover his dream world and heartwarming. Enjoy Jumper!

Song of the Day: Doppelhandel – Acqua Fresca

Doppelhandel is a newly created french duo, whose first Ep Obverse was released on February 24, 2021, less than a year after their formation. The name of the group, which could be translated from German as “double game”, refers to nuance and duality, fascinating themes for the pair. Here’s their single Acqua Fresca, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Rob Carey – Boom de Boom

British songwriter Rob Carey released this beautiful song, here’s what he says about it: «As a singer/song writer and studio owner I create and produce an eclectic mix of music. All original compositions that are not stuck in any one particular style. Boom de Boom is a dance pop song but with a message about us all being more aware of our excessive consumption which is harming the planet we live in.» Enjoy it!

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Song of the day: Radiohead – If You Say The Word

Time to celebrate a great album, in Radiohead words: «We humbly submit Kid A Mnesia to you. It’s a coming of age for Kid A & Amnesiac and it’s joined by a new album, Kid Amnesiae, a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material. All three come out together on November 5th.» Waiting for it, here’s the majestic If You Say The World. Enjoy it!