Song of the Day: Martee – Vitriolvm

Martina was born in Catanzaro (It). She has been passionate about music from an early age, starting a constant study of the guitar. She continues her passion singing with his father, until she moves to Turin for her studies where, between a book and the guitar, she dedicates herself to street singing. Here’s Vitriolvm, enjoy!

Magazine / Issue #62


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Song of the Day: The Freaky Buds – Way Too Wild

The Freaky Buds were formed in Nantes in 2018 in an obvious way. Max, Thomas and Hugo get together to play the Blues which has always been close to their bodies.
The desire to write and make a contribution to the edifice of this music that animates them is as compelling as the desire to perform live. In 2019, the arrival of Lonj opens up new horizons for them. His guitar, in the service of constantly evolving compositions, brings a powerful sound to solid riffs and hypnotic grooves.
The Freaky Buds have their roots in the greatest classics of electric blues (RL Burnside, Little Walter, Howlin ‘Wolf, Magic Sam …) but also mix more modern and resolutely Rock influences (The Black Keys, Royal Blood, The Dead Weathers or Deap Vally). The group has a rather atypical line up: no bassist! A direct tribute to their blues roots influences. On stage, the four become one and recreate the atmosphere of the Mississippi Juke Joints: a raw atmosphere delivered by timeless music punctuated by improvisations and fiery.

Song of the Day: 10000 Russos – Super Inertia

Super Inertia is the newly released single from the Porto-based group and is the first taste of their incoming fifth album, Superinertia, which is due out Sep 10th on Fuzz Club Records. 10 000 Russos deal in an all-consuming motorik sound that falls somewhere between notable influences Neu!, Spacemen 3 and The Fall, by way of contemporaries like Moon Duo and Follakzoid. Though their music might be about as kinetic as it gets, they say that ‘Super Inertia’ is a reaction to the «state of inertia that humans live in the West nowadays. It isn’t a record about the past or future. It’s about now.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Itzama – Senteur & Parfum

Itzama is the bromance of two childhood friends for 5 years stranded somewhere between 1970 and 2040. Here’s their single Senteur & Parfum, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Volcanes – Destellos

Let’s go to Chile where the Volcanes published their first single Destellos (Sparkles), a nice tune that’s the best way to start their musical journey. Wishing them good luck, enjoy the song!

Song of the Day: Esther Maud – Etranger Solitaire

Esther Maud takes pictures and makes videos. But especially she writes, and records her texts in the form of vocal notes, and little by little, these turn into melodies, then in songs. These almost naked songs, a cappella, she sends them to the four corners of France, because not so much
a musician herself, she seeks the right horsehair for her snapshots of life. And once finished, the magic operates and we see more than fire: his pop songs hang in the
first seconds, as if everything had been linked from the start. Seemingly slight, these speak of love, of course, the one we lose, the one that destroys us (Urgence Medicale), but also of this love that we miss and that we find again (Abroad Solitaire), the one who soothes us. A sweet melancholy, cheeky and never overbearing, which makes us think so many illustrious predecessors of the 60’s, that some of her contemporaries pop. Enjoy Etranger Solitaire!

Magazine / Issue #61


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Song of the Day: Cool Heat – Home

Cool Heat is a lo-fi artist hailing from Chicago. Started in 2019 it is the solo project of musician and photographer Eden Sierotnik, formerly a member of the now defunct dream pop outfit Color Card. The music is a blend of post-rock and dream pop with an emphasis on hazy soundscapes and shimmering guitars. Here’s Home, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Annna – Sunburn

North Holland singer and producer Annna shared this cool single about the important theme of our planet’s rising temperatures. Enjoy this summer pearl titled Sunburn!