Song of the Day: R.Y.F. – Everything Burns (Matteo Vallicelli Rmx)

Everything Burns is the title track to the recent album by R.Y.F., stage name of the songwriter and musician Francesca Morello, released in September 2021 by Bronson Recordings, driven by the last singles Cassandra (with video with Silvia Calderoni), Normal Is Boring ( feat. So Beast), Not Going Anywhere and Don’t Panic.

Everything Burns marked the first foray into electronic music for R.Y.F., who found himself working less with the guitar and more with synthesizers and drum machines during the pandemic. Morello developed Everything Burns in parallel with his involvement in the composition and live performance of the original music for the new show by the acclaimed theater company Motus (MDLSX, Panorama, NELLA STORM). Everything Burns, in fact, takes its title, adapted in English, from the new Motus show, Tutto Brucia, already received with good feedbacks from audiences and critics.

If in the sound Everything Burns is an irresistible combo of electroclash and punk, from a thematic point of view it is a radical blend of joy and anger, winning the title of best Italian record last year on “Internazionale” and able to conquer even Skunk Anansie, who wanted R.Y.F. to open their summer concerts in our country. The fourth record to its credit, Everything Burns breaks down any gender barrier by celebrating the coexistence of complementary opposites. It is music to dance wildly, or to destroy a room with too narrow walls. Always carrying out an ideal of queer and feminist subversion. “I want people to know that they are not alone. I want them to feel part of a big family,”says R.Y.F.

A few weeks ago it was released on all digital platforms, the adventurous remix between italo-disco and dark wave of Everything Burns set the track on fire and was created by Matteo Vallicelli, active for several years in the punk scene, live drummer for The Soft Moon and many others, as well as the owner of a couple of solo works released on Captured Tracks that testify to his passion for synthetic sounds, film music and experimentation.

Song of the Day: Iceage – All the Junk on the Outskirts

Iceage are one of the best independent bands in circulation, able like few others to revive the immortal sound that between the 80s and 90s gave us great records of Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement.

The ‘Shake the Feeling …’ collection includes music composed during the sessions of ‘Plowing Into the Field of Love’ from 2014, ‘Beyondless’ from 2018 and ‘Seek Shelter’ from last year. The title track was written during the ‘Beyondless’ sessions, but left off the record because it is too “cheerful” and different from the dark tones of the rest of the material.

Also included in the compilation will be a cover of ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’ by Bob Dylan and ‘My Mule’ by Abner Jay. At the beginning of the summer, before announcing the release of the collection, the band led by Elias Bender Rønnenfelt shared the previously unreleased ‘All the Junk on the Outskirts’, also composed during the sessions of ‘Beyondless’. Enjoy ‘All the Junk on the Outskirts’!

Song of the Day: Hope Tala – Leave It On the Dancefloor

The boldest personalities exert the biggest impact. A clever west Londoner whose passions run the gamut from classic literature to nineties flicks, Hope Tala immediately asserts herself as a bold presence. Twisting up turn-of-the-century R&B with Bossa Nova bliss, the UK singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist daydreams about girls who aren’t afraid of fistfights, tackles heartache without fear, and muses over the kind of love reserved for the big screen in her music. After posting up 20 million-plus streams independently and garnering acclaim from Rolling Stone, Complex, Vogue UK, and Vice UK, she answers an important question with action on her 2020 EP, Girl Eats Sun. “Why have a life if you’re not going to do something crazy and make a difference in the world?” she ponders. “In the past two years, I’ve discovered music is the most impactful way for me to do that.” In the end, Hope goes for it with everything she does and leaves a lasting imprint. “I just want people to make my songs their own,” she leaves off. “If you connect with it in any way, that’s cool with me. I always felt destined to make music. It’s my duty to see this through.” Enjoy Leave It On the Dancefloor!

Tracklist 7×1 (6.9.22)

Lcd Soundsystem – Other Voices
Lucy Rose – Middle Of The Bed (Jack Steadman Rmx)
Sohn – Segre
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Go On
Eliza – Everywhere I’ll Ever Be
Clark – Dead Shark Eyes
Jitwam – Stranger Danger (In The Streets Of Life)
Night Moves – As Innocent Looking As Candy
Gilla Band – Eight Fivers
Casisdead – Traction Control
The Big Moon – Wide Eyes
Sorry – Let The Lights On
Poptropicaslutz! – Something About the Sky
Hudson Mohawke – Stump
Leftfield – Pulse

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Song of the Day: Melby – Music Should Feel

Stockholm four-piece Melby is the band that made us say “they’re so good we have to start a label, the world needs to hear this (and we need to sign them before anyone else does)”. Together with Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes they have been with us since the start and have continued to grow since their debut with catchy single ‘Human’ in 2016. Constantly experimenting with new sounds and methods without losing their characteristic light, semi-psychedelic folk pop-sound led by Matilda Wiezell’s enchanting voice every new song builds the already impressive catalogue. Their live shows are a magnificent experience with a huge dynamic range including both climactic solos and gentle melodies. They have also given birth to a new word, Meby-gung (meaning something like Melby-swing) that occurs when the whole audience swings back and forth in unison in a trance-like state, a state we wouldn’t mind being in every day of the week. Enjoy Music Should Feel!

Song of the Day: Dumb – Pull Me Up

Dumb had a classic start as a DIY outfit back in 2015, playing their first shows in the dining room of a tear-down in east Vancouver. The four band members, Franco Rossino, Shelby Vredik, Pipe Morelli, and Nick Short, were all part of a larger group of friends that jammed and partied together often. Seven years later, the band is set to release their third LP with Mint Records, Pray 4 Tomorrow—self-recorded at Choms, a studio co-owned by Nick Short and Franco Rossino. Dumb has toured extensively in North America and Europe, played with Wolf Parade and Dilly Dally, and are known for their catchy punk rhythms, squealing guitar feedback, and strongly spoken lyrics. Enjoy Pull Me Up!

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Song of the Day: 7ebra – If I Ask Her

7ebra are a new duo consisting of 25-year-old twin sisters from Malmö, who grew up playing music together. Inez plays electric guitar and sings, Ella plays a keyboard, organ and Mellotron – whilst manually playing drum samples with her feet – as they both sing haunting harmonies in a way that only twins can. Beautiful but punk, minimalist but epic. The duo have already made their mark on the Swedish music scene with support slots for Bob Hund and The Dandy Warhols. If I Ask Her is the addictive debut single and the first taste of their Tore Johansson (The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand) produced debut album that will be out early 2023 on PNKSLM Recordings. Enjoy their debut single If I Ask Her!

Song of the Day: Beach Vacation – All For Me

Beach Vacation from Seattle started out as a high school band that formed after playing together at a talent show. After getting international recognition while the band members were just 16-17, their first EP was released on CD’s/Vinyls in the UK, Japan, and US. They are set to release their debut album “I Fell Apart” on November 13th through Slovakian label Z tapes. Enjoy “All For Me”!

Song of the Day: Phoebe Go – Hey

Australian artist, Phoebe Go, shares the announcement of her debut EP Player, out October 28th, with new single “Hey.”

After the success of her high-school band, Snakadaktal, catapulted her into the music industry at the budding age of 15, Phoebe was just a kid. Now, with 10 more years of experience and another exceptional project, Two People, under her belt, it’s time for her to catapult herself. The result is a grippingly vulnerable, earnest, untouched solo debut that reaps simplicity. The process of finding her voice as a solo artist has been, as described by Phoebe herself, daunting. But, in a way, it has also set her free. Songwriting is the love of her life, and that sentiment is palpable in this first offering.

“Hey” is a stripped-back and poignant dedication to Phoebe’s cousin who passed away a few years ago, fueled by the exercise and sensations that come with dealing with grief. “This song’s really close to me. I lost my youngest cousin really suddenly a few years back and I didn’t know how to make sense of it all. And I still don’t and I don’t think I ever will. But this song is really my way of coming to grips with that,” she shares. Enjoy the tune!