Song of the Day: Lunar Vacation – Gears

Lunar Vacation from Atlanta announced their debut album and here’s the single Gears. Grace Repasky from the band said about it: «When I look back on any kind of relationship, it’s usually through rose-colored glasses. I guess this song tells me that although this happened, you just gotta keep going because this isn’t the end of the world. But the last lines are a reflection of how inner-me feels… I’ll probably always be a little sad about the loss. I feel like most, if not all, of my songs are future-me giving past-me advice and insight on specific situations that evoked heavy feelings.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Teen Blush – Delight

Teen Blush from Chicago, Illinois released the single Delight and it’s our Song of the Day. Enjoy it and don’t forget to dig out great music through This Is Pop? website and socials.

Song of the Day: Pushpin – Microwave Song

They describe theirselves ad «popular music band», but talent is their gift. The south London quartet Pushpin just released Microwave Song and here you can enjoy!

Song of the Day: Sam Evian – Time to Melt

Two years ago, Sam Evian and his partner, Hannah Cohen, split from the bustle of New York City and settled in a quiet Catskills town upstate. While continuing to write and produce his own music, Sam has kept busy working as a preeminent collaborator, producing and engineering records for the likes of Big Thief, Cass McCombs, Widowspeak, and Anna Burch. In their new home, he and Hannah hosted bands like house guests as he helmed their sessions. The pandemic clamped down on those interactions, largely sealing the couple from their longtime scene. So Sam turned to his own music and here’s his new single Time to Melt, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Philomena – Wildfires

If music hits flames without pyrotechnics, then it is the aspiring artist Philomena. Philomena Karg is only 21 years old and yet her musical energy cannot be stopped: pulsating beats with strong synthesizers combine with orchestral instruments and Philomena’s impressive voice to create a hypnotic sound. She not only composes it on her own, but also produces and mixes it herself. The Munich native, who grew up in a family of artists, is a true universal artist and lives this out in her passion for literature and photography. Her interest in the human psyche provides her constant inspiration and so her songs paint a detailed and powerful picture of life. Enjoy her single Wildfires!

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Song of the Day: Swiss Portrait – Jackets

Swiss Portrait is a project by Edinburgh based Artist Michael Kay Terence. With a Diy approach Michael records and produces all his music in his tiny spare room outside of Edinburgh. Here’s how Terence presents the song: «I wrote the song about putting your “jacket” back on and going back into the world after lockdown. I thought I would be fine, but it’s a bit scary.» Enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Didi Han – Wake Up

Wake Up, inspired by the highs and lows of Didi Han‘s own life, pairs thoughtful introspection with groovy beats. Despite being her first album, the mellow and melodic sound, featuring lots of percussion, is both mature and alluring. Wake Up mixes elements of hip hop, jazz and house, and features collaborations with established artists such as Wansum Kim, Lydia Lee, Nelick and fellow Korean producer, L-like. Overall, the combination of vulnerable lyrics and an upbeat sound that can be found on Wake Up, are an impressive and worthy debut into the music production scene. Enjoy this tune!

Song of the Day: Wayne Snow – Figurine / A Colors Show

The Nigerian singer Wayne Snow gives a taste of his new album with this eponymous song. The result of three years of work, Figurine is a personal and profound work that addresses humanity’s obsession with representations, masks and fictional characters. Enjoy the tune!

Song of the Day: Julient – For A While

Born in Germany and focused on the creative field all his life, Tassilo Julien H. (Julient) always knew that art was his destiny. Apart from his main focus – the music, he creates his own single covers, photographs and sews the clothes he wears as he has a degree in fashion from the University of West London. He wants to present himself as an independent artist. Here’s what he says about the song: «I met a girl over the internet. We met in person and spent the night together. Obviously we didn’t know much about each other, but there was a connection. We talked all night and she told me about her insecurities. I didn’t know how to cheer her up, to say good things to her, I just knew I wanted to hold her hand, even if it is just for a while, I wanted to make her feel good that she is not alone and that she feels safe. Even though I didn’t know if we would stay in touch, if we would see each other again, but I wanted to be there for her in some way.» Enjoy it!