This Is Pop? 6×14 (7.6.2022)

Working Men’s Club – Circumference
Wave Racer – Auto (Kane West Rmx)
Beabadoobee – See you Soon
Delicate Steve – Playing In A Band
Tamino – The First Disciple
Röyksopp – If You Want Me
Shay – DA
Aluna & Jayda G – Mine O’ Mine
Warpaint – Hips
Tirzah – Ribs
The Lounge Society – Blood Money
The Smile – Thin Thing
Archive – Frying Paint
Rina Sawayama – This Hell
Maurice Maiga and Amore Cultural Group – Ni Da Yariga
Esg – Ufo

Song(s) of the Day: Jungle – Good Times/Problemz

Jungle follow last year’s critically adored UK #3 album ‘Loving In Stereo’ with some huge plans for 2022. They then headline a selection of major festivals alongside some huge outdoor summer shows, before going global with major European festivals all summer, and then a long awaited month-long North American headline tour which commences in late August. Amidst all of that, the duo – J and T – have also hit Metropolis Studios in London to work on new music which will shape the next chapter in the Jungle story.  Today they share the first result of those sessions with the brand new standalone singles ‘Good Times’ and ‘Problemz’. The two songs are also combined in a new video, which bursts with the joyous, high intensity choreography that is a defining hallmark of the Jungle aesthetic.
 ‘Good Times’ brims with the kind of gospel fervour, spirited soul and disco-meets-hip-hop beats that will make it an irresistible highlight of this summer’s celebratory shows. ‘Problemz’ then drops the tempo but swelters just as intensely, its soaring vocal harmonies, blissful grooves and irresistible hand-clap beats establishing a similarly sun-kissed delirium. In short: these are two tracks built to achieve communal euphoria during Jungle’s exuberant live experience.
 Directed – as ever – by JFC Worldwide (Charlie Placido and J. Lloyd), the accompanying short film stars Amsterdam’s leading dance crew the Ghetto Funk Collective alongside some familiar faces from previous Jungle videos. It opens with a girls versus boys dance battle soundtracked by ‘Good Times’, but the vibe is unity rather than competition, while the uplifting ambience is heightened by effervescent cinematography and classic ‘70s fashion. The lighting drops to deep red as the action shifts to Alberto’s Jazz Bar for ‘Problemz’. While the dance moves are more laidback, they’re just as eye-catching. Enjoy them!

Song of the Day: Gamaar – Bomba

Gamaar is a project sung in Italian with a “dream rock” sound with a pulp vein.
Gabriella Diana, singer-songwriter and producer from Brescia, after years as a soloist, feels the need to form a band. The meeting with bassist Cristian Bona and Ylenia De Rocco on drums will give life to “Gamaar”. The project takes its name from the Parisian cinema “Le Gamaar” where, in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Inglourious Basterds”, a means of culture (cinema film) is used to fight oppression against. During 2019/2020 they play in some important festivals such as “Albori festival” and “Resta in festa” opening the concerts of Canova, the Municipal, Animatronic and Dimartino. In 2020 they win the Sanremo rock regional finals that will lead them to play on the Ariston stage at the national final. In 2021 they are rewarded by the artistic programming of some of the main clubs in Lombardy (Bloom, Ink club, Arci Bellezza and others) by winning “Atuxtour”, a tour with the aim of giving space to valid musical projects affected by the consequences of the pandemic. Interested in social and environmental issues, they spend themselves alongside the LGBTQ + community and for the anti-species movement. Enjoy Bomba!

Magazine / Issue #108


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Song of the Day: Michel Franti & Spearhead – Follow Your Heart

“One thing I’ve learned over the past two years is that people need people,” Franti shares. “I’ve written a lot of songs about connection, resilience and the pursuit of light, even in the midst of all the madness. Somewhere in there we find resilience and I hope ‘Follow Your Heart’ will give fans the courage to continue to seek and maintain that perseverance. ”

‘Work Hard And Be Nice’, Michael Franti’s latest studio album, was released in 2020 and included the single ‘I Got You’, one of the Californian artist’s greatest hits. Now with ‘Follow Your Heart’ he is preparing to return in style with an album that recalls his past and present and that will not fail to charm his many fans around the world and in Italy.

Enjoy Follow Your Heart!

Song of the Day: Marlon Williams – My Boy

Speaking of the new song, Marlon says that it is a pop song with Maori influences and that he felt the artistic urge to strum chords linked to the Polynesian tradition while writing his music. The video was directed by Martin Sagadin and Williams himself, while the fun choreography was done by Robyn Jordaan. ‘My Boy’ comes 4 years after ‘Make Way For Love’, which won the Album of the Year at the New Zealand Music Awards and debuted at the top of the New Zealand best-selling record chart and at number 8 in Australia. In the meantime he sang and performed with Lorde and Florence Welch, recorded duets with Courtney Barnett, Paul Kelly and Yo-Yo Ma, an album with Kacy and Clayton and composed the soundtrack for the 2021 film ‘Juniper’. In addition to his musical career, Marlon is pursuing that of an actor, thanks to important roles in successful films and series such as ‘A Star is Born’, ‘The True History of the Kelly Gang’, ‘Lone Wolf’, ‘The Beautiful Lie’ and ‘Sweet Tooth’. Enjoy the tune!

Song of the Day: Muna – Anything But Me

Muna is a band in which music, lyrics and political stances in favor of the LGBTQ + community go hand in hand. W Magazine called them “a safe haven in an often hostile world.” Katie Gavin (she / they), Naomi McPherson (they / they) and Josette Maskin (she / they) met in college: what started out as jam sessions between friends produced two critically acclaimed studio albums, ‘About U ‘(2017) and’ Saves The World ‘(2019). Rolling Stone America called ‘Saves The World’ “emotionally intelligent” and NPR “intellectual as well as deeply emotional”. Now a new beginning has arrived for Muna with Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. Singer and songwriter Katie Gavin says the band’s relationship with Bridgers was born organically and that place on the label was part of their destiny. “We have a lot of respect for the way Phoebe Bridgers works at the head of the label. It’s amazing to have a queer person and a woman in that role.” Enjoy Anything But Me!

Song of the Day: Santigold – High Priestess

Always at the forefront of the challenge of innovation, the Philadelphia artist avoided sound conventions and challenged herself in writing and production, pushing her music into the future. Santigold‘s productions and the new single ‘High Priestess’ move with agility between hip-hop, dance, punk, alternative rock, wave and indie, always finding space in the playlists of the youngest, in the soundtracks of films and TV series and among the musical selections of the major radio networks. Here’s what the artist said about it: “I had started working on the rhythm of the new song, but I still didn’t know what the lyrics would be about, I just knew I wanted to make a punk rap song. My friend Ray Brady (producer of the song) and I started working on something, trying to add all the elements that made sense, synth, new wave and punk. Boys Noize ended up bringing something super cool that helped build and finish the piece. The energy we have created is the punk rock of the future.” Enjoy the tune!

Song of the Day: Metric – All Comes Crashing

“All Comes Crashing” is the first single from the new Metric album, the eighth of their long and successful career that has them hit the charts around the world and play live everywhere, as well as lending their music for major productions. film and television (on all their ‘Black Sheep’ for the OST of the cult film ‘Scott Pilgrim VS. The World’). Speaking of the single ‘All Comes Crashing’ Emily Haines, leader and singer of Metric, says: “Not everyone has a conventional life with conventional relationships and ‘All Comes Crashing’ is a love song that goes beyond romance, an expression of solidarity with anyone you would like to have next to you in the event of a disaster. It could be your best friend, it could be your blood brother or your dog. The song is dedicated to those who consider your family, whatever it is for you. The words “This Is What Happened” flash across the screen in the video and have become the band’s motto as they come to terms with the events of recent years: a band at the height of creative power attempting to decipher the turbulent world around them. Metric is a critically and publicly acclaimed Toronto rock band comprised of Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott Key. Enjoy the tune!

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