Song of the Day: Vivii – One Day

Swedish dream-pop trio Vivii just released this beautiful single. Here’s what the band says about the tune: «On a rooftop in Brooklyn two years ago we had a farewell party to some good friends of ours that had joined us on tour. The three of us ended up alone, like we do most of the time… it started to rain and we started to chant a melody that has stuck with us since. This is the result of the Vivii chant that we always use right before we go on stage.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Einsam – Stuck Pig

Stuck Pig is the second release from Bristol-Born producer and songwriter Sam Jackson’s solo project, Einsam. Written between 2016 and 2020 whilst living in Vienna, the song is shaped by a rising intolerance and the atmosphere of increasing polarity across the continent. In sound it’s a return to Bristol’s trip-hop and dub heritage, with shades of Talk Talk pianos across it and a pop edge. Enjoy!

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Song of the Day: Swine Tax – Johnny

Formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, Swine Tax is the creative voice of Vince (lead vocals and guitar), TK (bass), Charlie (drums) and Euan (synth and guitar). A close-knit group with a strong musical chemistry, the band continues to hone an acerbic rock sound that takes cues from both UK post-punk and US garage rock. Swine Tax are often noted for their animated spoken-sung vocals, sharp songwriting and wry social commentary. Well-known up north for their independent ethos, the band have immersed themselves in their home city’s thriving Diy culture and continue to gain a reputation for cacophonous and adrenaline-fuelled live shows. Enjoy their single Johnny from 2020!

Song of the Day: Color Palette – Distance

What if The Smiths could rehearsal with Real Estate? Here’s the answer. The quintet from Washington Color Palette released back in 2020 the single Distance, and you won’t resist to this indie rock pearl. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Gold Spectacles – Lothario

Uk duo Gold Spectacles released this beautiful song back in 2020. They say about the single, «We like to write a certain degree of juxtaposition into our songs. Lothario is an upbeat track on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you discover it’s riddled with dark undertones and flawed characters. This reflects the narrator’s blind love for Lothario despite his obvious insincerity. We wrote Lothario in the Norwegian countryside just before lockdown and completed the final version at our own studio, Gold Spectacles HQ, a few months later. The isolation of 2020 allowed us to reflect on the core elements of the track and strip away any distractions.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Blondfire – Marigold

«This song is about No Regrets, breaking out and shining your light for the world to see. I had been going back and listening to a lot of my favorite bands like Oasis, Catherine Wheel, The Stone Roses, etc., so there’s definitely a nod to the 90’s in this one.», here’s how Erica Driscoll from Blondfire described this great single, published last year. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Blanketman – Beach Body

Blanketman from Manchester is a band that you should follow. Here’s their single from 2020. Adam Hopper, the vocalist, described it with these words: «After a troubled lost summer, we felt we needed a new advert for British exceptionalism and the Brit abroad.» Enjoy!

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Song of the Day: Aly & Aj – Listen!!!

Here’s the second time in a week that you will read about Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing), well… waiting for his personal comeback, you can listen to another song with his featuring. This time he contributes with backing vocals to the supersonic single Listen!!! by Aly & Aj. The song is «a reminder that you might be lost but you always know your way out,» says Aly. Enjoy!