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  • Song of the Day: Magon – Halley’s Comet

    Song of the Day: Magon – Halley’s Comet

    Only 6 months after unveiling In The Blue (Howlin’ Banana / December Square), Magon surprises us again with a fourth album that will not fail to fit into our favorite plays. At Night In Bethlehem (T. Rex Recordings / Modulor), marks a certain homage to the origins of the artist while drawing the outline of […]

  • Magon – Change

    Magon – Change

    After releasing his debut album Out In The Dark, Magon drops his new single, born out of a year-long period during which everything changed in his life. This sweet ballad sounds like the perfect mix between indie rock and psych pop, between Ty Segall and The Velvet Underground.