Song of the Day: Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million

Vanishing Twin shared the new single Phase One Million from their highly anticipated new album Ookii Gekkou (Japanese for Big Moonlight, pronounced ‘oh-key ghekko’) released 15th October on Fire Records. Phase One Million beckons to a discordant dance floor where afro spars with disco. It is finger clicking modern pop exuding the perspiration of gyration. The new tune is accompaniedContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million”

Song of the Day: Morly – Eliogy

Morly released Eliogy, the third single from her upcoming debut album, ‘Til I Start Speaking. `«I wrote it in the messy aftermath of a breakup,» Morly said in a statement. «It’s about the pain of causing someone else pain, of having to break someone’s heart. If the album is 9 sleep bangers and a bop—Eliogy isContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Morly – Eliogy”

Song of the Day: Gustaf – Book

Gustaf have announced their debut album, Audio Drag for Ego Slobs. It will be out October 1 via Royal Mountain Records. «Book is a song about the fallacy and fight of getting ahead vs being a head,» says singer Lydia Gamill. «It is seeking validation in the wrong places and from the wrong people. The hook, ‘IContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Gustaf – Book”

Song of the Day: Bukve – Let Me Go Son

Let me go Son is Bukve‘s debut single. It’s a deeply personal song about letting a father go, not letting his death linger in his life anymore, and also speaking to his son; live your own life when you grow up, you don’t have to go in my footsteps. It’s features vocals and steel guitarContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Bukve – Let Me Go Son”

Song of the Day: Hand Habits – Aquamarine

Los Angeles musician Meg Duffy returned with his project Hand Habits. «What originally started as a minimally arranged acoustic ballad, ‘Aquamarine’ evolved into the story of certain events in life, what informs my identity, the silence in the questions left unanswered that become the shape of understanding who I am,» Duffy said in a statement.Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Hand Habits – Aquamarine”

Song of the Day: Wet – Larabar

Wet have shared a new single called Larabar, the album’s closer. Here’s what Zutrau had to say about it: «Step into the light for the very first time. Larabar was a little breakthrough in the album process, the first song that came together that everything else formed around. It’s about a relationship cycle that becomesContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Wet – Larabar”

Song of the Day: Big Red Machine – Mimi (feat. Ilsey)

Big Red Machine (Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner of The National) have shared another track from their forthcoming sophomore release. Dessner claims: «I named this song Mimi for my youngest daughter. I was thinking about how grateful I am for my children and how they light up even the darkest days. Justin,Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Big Red Machine – Mimi (feat. Ilsey)”

Song of the Day: Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under

Sam Fender releases his second album, Seventeen Going Under, almost two years since the release of Sam’s critically acclaimed debut album Hypersonic Missiles debuted at number 1 in the UK album chart. Seventeen Going Under finds Sam turning the mirror on himself; his adolescence and the trials and tribulations of growing up. It’s a relatable journey that careersContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under”