Song of the Day: Emilya Ndme – Taxy Drive

Emilya Ndme, moniker of Ligurian Lauretta Grechi Galeno, debuts in January 2019 with the single Snow, an intimate and dreamy track with an explosive ending. The single is the perfect gateway to enter the artist’s sound planet: a unique mix of electronic and indie pop, with synths and guitars to create ambient textures on whichContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Emilya Ndme – Taxy Drive”

Song of the Day: The Linda Lindas – Oh!

Half Asian and half Latinx. Two sisters, a cousin, and their close friend. The Linda Lindas channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today’s ears, eyes, and minds. Mila (10), Eloise (13), Lucia (14), and Bela (16) first played together as part of Kristin Kontrol’s pickup band of inexperienced kidsContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: The Linda Lindas – Oh!”

Song of the Day: Munya – Pour Toi

Munya began playing classical piano at the age of 4 until her teenage years where she began performing and studying opera and classical vocal techniques. She slowly honed her voice and learned to become a Coloratura and qualified for several competitions, including “Canimex Canadian music competition” at the age of 16. She then paused herContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Munya – Pour Toi”

Song of the Day: Naesh – One World

Naesh is a Berlin based indie pop & rock newcomer quartet. Here’s what they say about their new single, One World: «If this song was a drink, it would probably be a fruity sparkling aperitif for the start of a warm summer evening! Our ingredients for this musical refreshment are Indie & International Pop, withContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Naesh – One World”

Song of the Day: Treeboy & Arc – Role Models

They are Treeboy & Arc from Leeds, they released a single through Speedy Wunderground. That was also from 2019 and in the meantime a lot has happened in the world. The fivesome took their time to work on new music and now it’s finally here. On August 6, Life Preserver, the first EP by theContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Treeboy & Arc – Role Models”

Song of the Day: Sherwyn – Thought Of It

Los Angeles artist Sherwyn released a new beautiful song. Here’s how he describes it: «I wrote this about staying comfortable being alone and taking some time to just think and not express yourself to the outside world. I always think that when I get time to myself and go to a destination for it, IContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Sherwyn – Thought Of It”

Song of the Day: Kindred Connection – Some Kind of Dream

Gabriele is the singer and lyricist, he plays guitar and piano, Mattia is the producer, he plays guitars and synths and he gets along well with the drums even though he never wants to admit it. Their music is influenced by a strong neoclassical and electronic component but also by the world of pop andContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Kindred Connection – Some Kind of Dream”