Song of the Day: Xtc – This Is Pop?

Celebrations here are linked with the song that gave name to this radio show. This is why the Song of the Day number 250 is the single that the English rock band released in 1978. Wikipedia helps here claiming that the leader of the group Andy Partridge «wrote the song as a response to labelsContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Xtc – This Is Pop?”

This Is Pop? 5×1 (9.4.2021)

Fontaines Dc – A Hero’s DeathFolly Group – Four Wheel DriveColapesce / Dimartino – Musica leggerissimaMines Falls – Hey MotherMadame – VocePalace Winter – Richard (Says Yes)St. Vincent – The Melting Of The SunOasis – Live ForeverThe Smiths – This Charming ManMotta – E poi finisco per amarti