This Is Pop? 6×16 (5.7.2022)

Jungle – ProblemzNation Of Language – AndrogynousFlasher – I’m BetterKeanu Silva – Lovin’ You (feat. LoLo Rachelle)Tim Burgess – Typical MusicFoals – The SoundHazel English – When You’re AroundClaud – Go Home!Haich Ber Na – St. LevilleAfrica Dur Dur Band – Amina AwdaayThe Soft Moon – Him (feat. fish narc)Pale Waves – Reasons To LiveBlackhaineContinua a leggere “This Is Pop? 6×16 (5.7.2022)”

Song of the Day: Son Little – Deeper

Son Little announces his new album, Like Neptune, out September 9th via ANTI-, and in conjunction shares two lead singles, “deeper” and “stoned love.” Continuing to revolutionize the modern understanding and expectation of R&B, Son Little delivers an unadulterated transmission of Black American music performed in its praying and pleading mother tongue. Conceived in a cabin overlooking the Delaware River in upstate NewContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Son Little – Deeper”

Song of the Day: Rina Sawayama – Catch Me In The Air

Rina Sawayama says about the creation of this new song: “‘Catch Me In The Air’ was written in between lockdowns with Oscar Scheller and Gracey. I wanted the whole song to sound like it was on an Irish coastline, like a Corrs video. We put in a key change to go into the chorus, at the end of the pre-chorus toContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Rina Sawayama – Catch Me In The Air”

Song of the Day: Foals – The Sound

Foals take a fresh, thrilling new direction on with their latest album Life Is Yours. Life Is Yours is the follow-up to the triumphant, two-part Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, which proved to be a pivotal pinnacle in the band’s story. Not only did it result in the band’s first ever UK #1 album, but the ambitiousContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Foals – The Sound”

Song of the Day: The Lovelines – Steadily

Nice to talk again about this great duo. The Lovelines come back with Steadily and here’s how we introduced them the first time we shared a song of them: The Lovelines are a brother-sister band from Orlando, Florida. The Lovelines released their debut single Strange Kind Of Love. Tessa D’ is the band’s singer; herContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: The Lovelines – Steadily”

Song of the Day: Marco and Kelvo – Villa

New single from Marco and Kelvo, here’s how they introduce it: “We combine smooth melodies with playful bars to create a catchy song made for any summer playlist. To capture this feel good summer vibe the music video was shot in a Moroccan villa located in Marrakech. We’re continuously developing our craft and Villa isContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Marco and Kelvo – Villa”

Song of the Day: George Barnett – Nothing on the Line

Known for his flamboyant, electric performances and his big melodies, George recently released his song ‘Lovestruck’ and is now preparing for his song ‘Nothing On The Line’ – an upbeat, indie-rock track featuring George’s signature, smooth vocals. Here’s how the act introduces himself on Spotify bio: “⁃ I need to do a spotify bio ⁃Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: George Barnett – Nothing on the Line”

Song of the Day: Róisín O – Night Stretches Through

Since her debut Róisín has shared the stage with a host of internationally renowned artists, including Lionel Richie, Bryan Ferry, Brad Paisley, Hozier and Colin Hay as well as headlining her own tours in Ireland, Germany, The US and Australia. In 2016 Róisín was invited to perform at JJ Abram’s Oscar Wilde Awards in LAContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Róisín O – Night Stretches Through”

Song of the Day: Funky French League – Heaven

Funky French League is a crew of multi-generational DJ/producers/musicians such as Young Pulse (Gamm rec.), Dabeull (Roche Musique), Chaps (Sun Is Coming), Woody Braun (Malka Family), mOnsieur Willy (Générations FM & FG), DJ Asko (Nova & Générations FM, Hypnotic DJ), gathered by Uncle T (Groove Deluxe). They promote the whole Funk spectrum by making parties,Continua a leggere “Song of the Day: Funky French League – Heaven”

Song of the Day: Springworks – Pocket Theory

Pocket Theory is the new single by Canadian duo Springworks. Here’s how they introduce it: “Pocket Theory was based mostly around this silly idea of having literal bits of paper tucked in a jacket somewhere with notes and possible explanations for any situation that might come up. Kind of a neurotic obsession with having anContinua a leggere “Song of the Day: Springworks – Pocket Theory”