Magazine / Issue #24

Isabelle Brown – In Your Head

Brighton 17-year-old singer Isabelle Brown released the mixtape In Your Head, its title track is the perfect mix of talent and power. Here it is, enjoy!

Penguin Prison – Better

Shimmering and saturated, Better finds Penguin Prison’s piano-driven, neon, dance-pop in fine form with the song’s hopeful refrain designed to lift listeners up. The track sees Glover writing his way out of a dark place towards the light: «This song is my response to the times we find ourselves in», he explains. «The global pandemic, social injustice, climate change; it’s overwhelming. I wanted to write about rising above it all. I want the listener to feel hopeful that we can find a way to get through even if it’s just for the duration of the song».

Beauty Queen – Where Do We Go?

Bedroom pop from Los Angeles here: Beauty Queen realeased Where Do We Go?, a bittersweet song that flows on these shorter afternoons. Enjoy it!

Memes – So What

Memes have a problem. In their new single So What they confess to never listening to a song more than half way through, and yet, they need you to listen to this song right to the end of its 103 seconds. All the work they’ve put in, all those ratty guitars and pogo-primed vocals, the rhythmic urgency and loping bass, would all be lost to listeners who gave up at the halfway point. So What? is taken from the forthcoming Ep which will be released on November 20th on Fierce Panda.

Mines Falls – Hey Mother

Mines Falls are brothers Carson and Erik Lund, they released their second, self-titled album on September. Hey Mother anticipated it in Summer and you’ll love the perfect mix between Grizzly Bear and Wild Beasts. Enjoy it!

Magazine / Issue #23

Brasko – The Standard for Kids in the Usa

Ohio artist Brasko published his new single The Standard For Kids In The Usa, a chaotic song full of energy where rock guitars and a little bit of glam rise all at once. Enjoy!

Quinzequinze – Le Jeune

Artistic collective Quinzequinze from Paris released this burning song and you cannot miss it, enjoy!

Mdou Moctar – Chismiten

Matador Records announced the new entry Mdou Moctar to its roster. His music has roots in both traditional Tuareg melodicism and Eddie Van Halen’s daredevil majesty. Today we offer you Chismiten, the white-hot ripper that will kick off an expansive new full-length due to hit down next year. «The song is about how people in a relationship lose their sense of self, they become jealous and envious of others».