Song of the Day: Glass Town – Nameless

Glass Town is an independent rock band, born in Paris in 2019 from a shared fascination with raw post-punk energy and the aesthetics of sixties movies. A smooth and melodic rhythm section, two sharp and energetic guitars, two complementary voices and numerous charming backing vocals that make us travel through atmospheres ranging from tense noir movies to liberating acid trips. Here’s their single Nameless, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Staircase Paradox – Desktop Exodus

Staircase Paradox is an indie-pop band based in France. Songs range from euphoria to melancholy, in a hybrid style between dream pop, indie rock & shoegaze. Here’s their single Desktop Exodus, enjoy!

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Song of the Day: The Spins – Vibe Police

New Jersey indie/alt rock band The Spins have shared another taste of their forthcoming debut album with a new single. They descrive Vibe Police as «A feel-good song about not taking life too seriously and surrounding yourself with people who build you up and make you feel good about yourself and encouraging others to do the same. We wrote this song as the more lighthearted and fun song on the album, easy to sing, dance, and vibe to with a hint of several different influences and genres. It’s probably one of our favorites both to play and listen to on the album.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Eau Rouge – Vienna

When Jonas, Bo and Magnus found themselves in a basement in Stuttgart, Germany it just clicked between them: Jon’s voice, Bo’s guitar sounds, Mag’s drumming – with this energy already there that makes you wonder how a three-piece can create those bombastic soundscapes live – no backing tracks allowed btw.
Fast forward a few years and they have listeners worldwide, bringing their dark Alt-Pop to L.A., Brighton, Austin and Lollapalooza as well as antique marble halls for another one of their visually stunning videos. Here’s their last single Vienna, enjoy!

Song of the Day: Lonely In The Rain – Feels Like Paradise (feat. Madeline)

Lonely in the Rain is a young 20-year-old French producer. Practicing guitar and piano, Lonely writes and composes his songs. Mysterious and melancholy, it captures our emotions through intoxicating melodies. Here’s his new song with Madeline. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Fiddlehead – Down University

Fiddlehead is the supergroup featuring members of Have Heart and Basement, have just shared a new song called Down University. The vocalist Pat Flynn says about it: «This song is about how I got trapped in this Darwinian mentality where everything was approached with extreme doubt and felt like a total failure. For some reason, despite growing up in an environment that promoted the Deweyan idea of education as liberation, I came to view it as a pure means to status in some weird grief-stricken attempt to live up to some made up idea of standards I believed would help me ‘prove myself’ to my father in the wake of his passing.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Franc Moody – Tired of Waiting

London based collective Franc Moody (Ned Franc and Jon Moody) released a shimmer single, Tired Of Waiting was born «as a bass line and a trucking groove – said the band – Some Spaghetti Western, Ennio Morricone meets National Rail-style chugging guitar lines followed only to be finished off with some stabbing soul interjections from the colossus of Rhodes. Once run through the FM blender, those ingredients formed the basis of the track.» Enjoy!

Magazine / Issue #52


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Song of the Day: Aka Block, Keo, Øhenry – Starting A Flame

Great team here: Aka Block calls for action Keo and Øhenry for this fascinating R&B tune. No need of adding something more, just listen and enjoy!