Song of the Day: Eades – Delusion Spree

A collective made up of songwriters, producers, sound engineers and session musicians, Eades, more than most, have grappled to reconcile the importance of community against a burning need to go it alone. Self-proclaimed as «David Byrne and Lou Reed’s dyslexic child playing out of a Motorola Pebl» the juxtaposition serves to fit. Like New York Bowery club rats misreading the instruction manual for British post-punk, their sound is assembled somewhere within the shifting textures of rhythmic convulsions and low-fidelity rawness. Enjoy Delusion Spree!

Song of the Day: Dahlia Sleeps – The Calm You Keep

Dahlia Sleeps are an independent London-based duo of producer/writer Luke Hester and singer/writer Lucy Hill. As a self-taught (and somewhat obsessive) producer, Luke has developed his own unusual methods for processing sounds which have created Dahlia Sleeps’ unique sound. Lucy is a writer and lyricist. She is inspired by the works of poets Nayyirah Waheed, Mary Oliver, Kate Bush and more. Enjoy The Calm You Keep!

Magazine / Issue #89


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Song of the Day: Holodrum – Free Advice

Holodrum are a new disco-infused synth-pop group, who feature members of Hookworms, Yard Act, Cowtown, Virginia Wing, Drahla and more. Maybe Holodrum were destined to start at this point. This might be the first time they’ve all officially worked together, but between Emily Garner (vocals), Matthew Benn (synth/bass/production), Jonathan Nash (drums), Jonathan Wilkinson (guitar), Sam Shjipstone (guitar/vocals), Christopher Duffin (sax/synth) and Steve Nuttall (percussion) they’ve shared bands, mixed each other’s records, promoted live shows and made music videos together in and around Leeds. As Holodrum, this is the seven-piece’s debut album, but the interlocking grooves and hot headiness of their repeato-rock-via-CBGBs dopamine hits have in one way or other been fermenting for years. Enjoy Free Advice!

Song of the Day: Kae Tempest – More Pressure (feat. Kevin Abstract)

The Line Is A Curve is the fifth album by rapper, poet, author and playwright Kae Tempest. The album chronicles life’s difficulties, but rather than being crushed by them, using them as a positive force to help move forward. The album’s centrepiece More Pressure is musically reminiscent of one of the Pet Shop Boys more brooding tracks, whilst lyrically it holds the crux of the album’s themes – being resilient, accepting, pressure and release. Enjoy this tune!

Song of the Day: Hippo Campus – Ride or Die

In the years between 2018’s Bambi & Lp3, Hippo Campus – made up of Jake Luppen & Nathan Stocker, Whistler Allen, Zach Sutton, & DeCarlo Jackson – has grown up and into itself. Although the five-piece has been friends since middle school & put out a number of studio releases since its inception, it’s the new record, Lp3, that’s the most honest portrait of who Hippo Campus is. Enjoy Ride or Die!

This Is Pop? 6×5 (18.1.2022)

Pj Harvey – The Wheel
Florence + the Machine – What the Water Gave Me
Algiers – The Underside of Power
Arcade Fire – Flashbulb Eyes
Lewis del Mar – Loudy
Little Cub – Closing Time
Kundan Lal – Driver
The Maghreban, Rutendo Machiridza – Revenge
Atlas Sound – Te Amo
Georgia – Started Out
Damon Albarn – Lonely Press Play
Editors – Ocean of Night
Afflecks Palace- Forever Young
Hans Zimmer, Radiohead – (Ocean) Bloom

Song of the Day: Blushing – The Fires

Mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener (Ride), The Fires is the latest from Blushing’s upcoming album Possessions, out February 18, 2022. Forged from thick, moody instrumentation, layered with warm vocals, Gardener added a punch and glimmer to showcase Blushing at their dreamiest. Enjoy this tune!

Song of the Day: Fontaines Dc – Jackie Down The Line

2020’s A Hero’s Death saw Fontaines Dc land a #2 album in the Uk, receive nominations at the GRAMMYs, BRITs and Ivor Novello Awards, and sell out London’s iconic Alexandra Palace. Now the band return with their third record in as many years: Skinty Fia. Used colloquially as an expletive, the title roughly translates from the Irish language into English as «the damnation of the deer»; the spelling crassly anglicised, and its meaning diluted through generations. Part bittersweet romance, part darkly political triumph – the songs ultimately form a long-distance love letter, one that laments an increasingly privatised culture in danger of going the way of the extinct Irish giant deer. Here’s Jackie Down The Line, enjoy it!

Magazine / Issue #88


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