Song of the Day: Talker – Sad Chick

Talker is the indie rock project of Los Angeles-based Celeste Tauchar – or as she calls  it, «emo indie rock with glitter all over it.» The name is a nod to her last name, notorious in her family for being misspelled and mispronounced. Starting out touring and playing for other bands including electro-pop group  Frenship, Tauchar quickly gained extensive performance experience at venues and  festivals like Red Rocks, The Bowery Ballroom (NYC), The El Rey Theatre (LA),  Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands. Throughout the 2020 lockdown, talker locked herself in the studio with her collaborator & producer Dan Sadin to work on new music, starting with the single Sad Chick. The song is about the absurdities of our depression and how sometimes it can feel so melodramatic, even if it’s how we feel. The song is a self-aware, tongue-in-cheek acceptance of that reality, saying no, I haven’t changed my clothes in three days. No, I can’t find my keys and haven’t left my house in a while. But it’s also a song of liberation – it’s absolutely okay to feel like this sometimes and just accept things as they are. Enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Warmduscher – Wild Flowers

Warmduscher recently shared Wild Flowers, a brand new track and their first for beloved indie label Bella Union. The first taster from their forthcoming, as yet unannounced, fourth album the track was written and recorded over lock down and is their take on finding solace in the absurdity of now. The perfect encapsulation of the band’s current direction, coming off as the disjointed rants of a madman ticking off the various indignities of his existence, slathered on top of a spiralling lounge-funk bassline, it may be the most expletive-laden rock song to go to radio in recent memory. The track came about when Clams was tasked with writing lyrics for a song Mr. Salt Fingers had composed, and a pesky bout of writer’s block began to trip him up in the worst way. «I kept doing that freaking track over and over, trying to do a kind of Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime thing. Then I just got to a point where I was like, ‘Ugh! Fuck this and fuck these motherfuckers!’ I sent the demo to the guys and they were laughing really hard. It’s a blessing and a curse, because if we start laughing, then we know we’re happy with the song. Sometimes it messes me up because people say we’re just jokers or whatever, but it’s like Nah man, we put a lot of work and effort into what we’re doing, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.» Wild Flowers pokes fun at the frustration the entire world felt during 2020, but does so in a way that’s darkly comedic, totally wild, and 100% Warmduscher. Enjoy it!

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Song of the Day: Black Honey – Believer

Shaping a spaghetti western universe out of squalling guitars, vivid colours and cinematic vignettes, there’s no other British band out there like Black Honey. Bursting out of the ether in 2014 with their debut track Spinning Wheel – a Pulp Fiction-flecked barrage of piercing screams and twanging surf-rock – they have continued to build their own surrealist world ever since. Hawking Coca-Cola’s distinctive logo for their own bootleg t-shirts and masterminding an entire range of merchandise, designing their own flying-V covered tour posters in-house, and holding the reins to every aspect of their existence, Black Honey have perfected the indie game over the last four years. And now, with their self-titled debut album Black Honey they’re «playing the big-boys game» and getting ready to rip things apart again. Here’s Believer, enjoy it!

Song of the Day: Ducks Ltd – As Big As All Outside

Propelled by a fondness for boundless jangle-pop, Toronto’s Ducks Ltd (formerly Ducks Unlimited, no association with the questionable waterfowl hunting nonprofit) is a duo that operates with the dynamism of a full band: Tom McGreevy (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Evan Lewis (guitar, bass, drum programming) met at a Dilly Dally show around the time they were both applying for permanent residency and playing in different local bands, quickly recognizing something in each other: a resolute love of underrated ‘80s indiepop a la Sarah Records (specifically for Tom, Uk groups like Close Lobsters, the Marxist band McCarthy, anything on Cherry Red Records; for the Australian Evan, The Go-Betweens and Flying Nun Records). But impressive knowledge of niche pop music does not make a band: the pair started writing and recording together in 2018, taking the time to discover their musical identity: a whole Ep was recorded with outside producers and scrapped, never to be released. «It came out sounding good,» Tom explains, «But not like us.» Their critically acclaimed debut Ep, Get Bleak, released on Madrid indie Bobo Integral (Tim Cohen, Massage) in 2019 and re-released on Carpark in 2021 with three additional songs, was originally recorded with live drums and with a drum machine, built from demos recorded in Evan’s bedroom, revealing the key to Ducks Ltd’s sound: simple charms, just like the music that inspired it, and a project best served when it’s just the two of them trusting the intensity of their creative relationship. It’s worked out: Ducks Ltd. have played gigs with The Goon Sax, Weyes Blood and Juan Waters. But it’s their debut Lp, Modern Fiction and its masterful melodies and depressive fun that confirms it: great things are here, and sometimes, all you need is a good friend to realize it. Enjoy As Big As All Outside!

Song of the Day: Reno McCarthy – For A Moment

With the youthful sparkle of his 2019 debut album Counterglow, Montreal alternative pop artist Reno McCarthy quickly gained recognition for his strong songwriting and somewhat debonair quality as well as his band’s groove-heavy live shows. Unexpected events led McCarthy to a surprising stopover in 2020. Following the loss of his father, the artist recorded a truly warm and personal Ep. Moving, raw and of great profoundness, Angels Watching Us Dance saw the artist at his most stripped-down and strikingly sensitive. McCarthy now returns with Sundown, an introspective yet uplifting alternative pop song with folk rock undertones. Enjoy his new single For A Moment!

Song of the Day: Chiara Foschiani – Candy Woman

Chiara Foschiani, was born in 2003 in the Paris region. She is part of the SoundCloud generation. She posted her first covers there at the age of 15, exploring music and styles. Here’s how she describe her new single: «I wanted to have several elements in the instrumental, such as the childish ritornello that opens and closes the music, followed by a punchy bass and drum line. This is to play on the child-adult duality to end with a melancholic violin rise. I hope that you will be touched and that the video will bring you into my world. I’m looking for press articles, playlists, radios plays, in short constructive and kind exchanges with you, in order to give wings to my project.» Enjoy Candi Woman!

Song of the Day: Julie Hill – Laniakea

Julie Hill is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn NY who trained as a classical composer. Her music showcases her dreamy voice, use of analog synths, and fluid songwriting style. She released Laniakea – which translates to “heaven” – features ethereal vocals, hard-hitting drums and swirly chilled-out guitars. For fans of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Connan Mockasin, and Tame Impala. Enjoy it!

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Song of the Day: Elkka – Harmonic Frequencies

London-based Elkka is an artist who began her path as a singer-songwriter and has evolved into a multi-faceted producer, DJ and label boss. Sitting firmly in a lane of her own creation, Elkka’s music is a cross-pollination between house, electronica, percussive beats and dreamy vocals. When performing,  she immerses herself in her art – from expansive, cross-genre Dj sets to hypnotic live shows.

Deciding to take full artistic control over her music Emma made the shift from singer / songwriter to producer and artist in 2016. In that same year she founded femme culture. The London-based record label and collective was born out of the desire to champion women in the arts and push forward-thinking music standing for inclusivity amongst all genders, backgrounds and beliefs, and actively promotes collaboration in all fields. The label’s annual HeForShe compilation has garnered critical success and featured the likes of Octo Octa, Dj Boring, and Dj Python. In 2020 Elkka released I Miss Raving on Local Action. Elkka kicks off 2021 with a new 5 track EP “Euphoric Melodies”, marking her first release for Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour. Enjoy her single Harmonic Frequencies!