Magazine / Issue #43


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Song of the Day: Paper Idol – Tightrope

«I joke that my music is too electronic for indie kids but also too indie for electronic kids. I like to combine indie-pop and Edm into something surreal and unique. My music makes you want to dance, but has a deeper message about loneliness and confusion if you read the lyrics…»; Paper Idol‘s words are the best introduction to this act. We choose his tune as Song of the Day: «Tightrope is about the things we crave the most, and how they can bring as much pain as pleasure. The lyric “her loving never lets me down” has a double meaning: relationships can take you to new heights, but also throw you completely off balance.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Minor Moon – Under An Ocean Of Holes

Chicago multi-instrumentalist Sam Cantor released this single contained in his upcoming album Tethers. Here’s how Minor Moon describes the tune: «On this song, ‘Under an Ocean of Holes,’ I was trying to dive deeper into the experience of a separation with a partner that was defined by confusion and a sense of being lost. A lot of ideas, emotions and attachments that had come to define a large part of my life were getting reordered or vanishing altogether. That thick fog made it hard to think, speak or write about anything directly.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Kinlaw – There She Is

New York artist Kinlaw released her album that contains this beautiful track. Here’s what she said about the record: «I only allowed myself to write this track while I was moving forward physically, I turned it into a bit of a game; there are many mental games woven through all of the tracks, really, but this one has the most. I wrote Permissions on a bus, in the back of a car, on a plane, and every lyric and melody was written while walking or running. I was in an extraordinary depression at that time and wanted to honor it, yet still, write something for a future that would hopefully feel different.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Dad Sports – Nrvs Again

Canadian band Dad Sports released their new single, here’s what Miguel Plante of the bedroom pop three piece said: «I wrote the chorus for this song 2018, before dad sports was even a thing. I had just met Keith, Alex had just picked up the bass, and I was just beginning to write music. I was still finding myself as an artist and was pretty (nrvs) about what others would think of my songs. These insecurities are what shaped the lyrics. For the next few years, we re-wrote the song over and over and over until we were finally happy with it. To us, the lyrics and the long songwriting process represent the time we spent learning how to do the whole music thing together. I realized that you’re always gonna be insecure in some way about your art, but that’s just part of the process of improving.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Echo Frame – Red Carpet

Vancouver-based solo project Echo Frame released this dazzling tune. Taking inspiration from all corners of the music world and swirling them into a bottomless pot of indie, soul, surf-rock, disco and more, Echo Frame invokes a blissful, genreless euphoria as he unlaces his narrative of romantic infatuation. Partnering funky guitar lines with dreamy vocals and a strolling rhythm section, the songwriter tenderly showcases his lyrical ability as he delivers a personal account of romantic infatuation. Enjoy!

Magazine / Issue #42


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Song of the Day: Made Kuti – Free Your Mind

The grandson of legendary activist and originator of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, Made Kuti now proudly steps into the limelight bearing his family’s torch, pushing the brand of infectious grooves and social consciousness that his grandfather and father (four-time Grammy nominee Femi Kuti) pioneered into exciting and modern new territory. He’s a stunning multi-instrumentalist who has performed every part on his debut single. Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Brijean – Hey Boy

Percussionist Brijean Murphy and multi-instrumentalist Doug Stuart from Oakland have just released a beautiful single. Murphy reflects about the video in these terms: «My visual art style really developed when I began making hand-drawn flyers for a nightclub in Oakland. I hosted a recurring jazz night every Tuesday for a few years. The bands were always amorphous and always centered around percussion. That left a lot of elasticity in the genre—the musicians were often rooted in different cultural and musical backgrounds (Salsa, Gospel, Blues, Hip Hop, etc.)—and in turn, that attracted a wide range of dancers and drinkers to fill the space. This music video is a homage to that club and its people, infused with some psychedelic and cheeky moments.» Enjoy!

Song of the Day: Mt. Mountain – Second Home

Perth pysch band Mt. Mountain released this beautiful single. It will be part of the album Centre and here’s how Stephen Bailey from the Australian five-piece describes it: «The album for me, lyrically, is mostly about my experience of religion. It explores these concepts and the rules that were told to me from childhood to adulthood and my thoughts on my own connection to them. Similar themes arise between the tracks whether it be lyrically or structural, both a play on repetition and simplicity. Second Home is a play on the idea of the afterlife: our second home not being heaven or hell but here on earth.» Enjoy!