Magazine / Issue #20

Zach Medeiros – When We Meet Along The Water

Zach Medeiros is a bongwriter and producer based out of Guelph, Oregon. Here’s his new single. Enjoy!

Yung – New Fast Song

The Danish four-piece Yung is back with a new 7” Progress. It follows the release of their debut LP A Youthful Dream in 2016, and a series of acclaimed EP’s. Enjoy!

Low Hummer – Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)

They are a five-piece band called Low Hummer and they come from the burning indie rock scene of Hull. Enjoy!

Al Pride – If You Go Down

Guess you’ll be charmed by this groove; the Swiss pop-rock eight piece Al Pride released this single some time ago and here it is. Enjoy!

Sprints – The Cheek

Dublin-based quartet Sprints published a second single and there’s no choice but to fall in love with this energy. Enjoy!

Magazine / Issue #19

Ivory Wave – Cool Kids

Wait a minute! Are we in Birmingham or in Madchester? So hard to say, but what’s easier here is the talent of these guys. Enjoy!

Rascalton – Places We Go

What if the Clash came across the Strokes just in front of your eyes? Well, these guys from Glasgow have clear ideas. Enjoy!

The Crooks – She Walks Alone

Oasis fans wanted! You cannot miss these Chesterfield five piece. The song came out some months ago, but time passes very slow for some great tunes. Enjoy!